From the letters of St Gemma Galgani

Letters from St. Gemma Galgani, writing to her spiritual director, Venerable Father Germanus C.P.=====================================

“Father, do you know the latest idea that has come into my head? It is to become a saint at all costs. I made this resolution yesterday evening. During my meditation I was thinking that one lives only once, and it is certain that one is going to die; then one will have to answer to God.”

“Oh, when I see Jesus in tears it pierces my heart. I realize that I, by my sins, have increased the suffering which overwhelmed Him while He prayed in the garden. At that moment, Jesus saw all my sins, all my failings, and He saw also that place I should have occupied in hell, if Thy Heart, oh Jesus, had not pardoned me”

“This morning, after Holy Communion, Jesus seemed to let me feel His presence. Father, what moments! But all was over after a short time. I kept repeating to Jesus “My Jesus!” I was not able to express myself very well, but Jesus understood.
Bless me and pray very much for
-Poor Gemma

“Listen to what I am obliged to do when I am with others and they speak of Jesus, or heaven or such things: Sometimes I am obliged to run away and hide; often I have to beg the one who is speaking to change the conversation, otherwise I feel as though I should die”

(Note: Gemma, with her heart all on fire for the love of Jesus, at times would fall into ecstasy at the mere mention of the love of Jesus or of heavenly things. In her humility, the thought that others may discover the great graces being shown to her by God, caused her great suffering. She would always humbly seek to withdraw from others to be alone when she felt herself being drawn into an ecstasy. It was also noted by her companions that because of her great love for God, she would literally faint when she would hear someone blaspheming, or cursing the name of God.)
In a letter to her spiritual director Gemma writes- "Yesterday evening I went to my room and was left all alone. Suddenly the Infant Jesus came to visit me. Oh, how beautiful Jesus is! If everyone was to know Him how immensely they would love Him! He came in my lap, kissed me, caressed me and asked me if I loved Him. I kissed Him with ardent affection and felt how intensely I loved Him. He asked me if I would be all His, and I was so overjoyed that I knew not what to answer, but I held Him more tightly."
"My heart is always united with Jesus, and Jesus continues to consume me. My dear God, I want to melt completely in your flames. Yesterday morning, Father (Father Germanus -ed.), I felt that my heart wanted to burst out of my chest. My dear Father, do you think that I do not feel the need to be grateful to Jesus? Or do you think that I do not feel the need to reciprocate God....God who has bestowed so much on me? Help me to do it, by not offending Him again, never, never again! How happy Jesus would be if He should find my heart returning His boundless love!"
"Jesus continues with His usual sweetness. I live on this earth; but on this earth I feel like I am a lost soul because my thoughts never, never stray from my Jesus. There will be a time, as you say, when all these consolations will change into punishments, afflictions, dryness etc....May God's will be done! But I am afraid dear Dad (Father Germano -ed). I am afraid for my soul. Assist me; and if you see my soul in danger, have no respect for my human self; do whatever Jesus wants."
Sometimes dear Father (Father Germano -ed) I tremble and turn bright red when I think of how impure I am when I recieve Jesus (in Communion -ed) who is the essence of Purity. And it is surely because of this impurity that beside the fire of Jesus I am colder and colder. But Jesus, my dear Jesus, loves me even this way, and continuously lets Himself be felt in my soul. I have only one good thing, dear Father, and it is good intentions. At least I think I have these. And, since Jesus tells me that this greatly helps one who is weak and poor like I am, so I hope these good intentions at least will be pleasing to one who is strong and great like Jesus"
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The source for this information is from “The Letters of St. Gemma Galgani” -Translated from the Italian by the Dominican Nuns of Corpus Christi Monastery -Copyright 1947. This rare book is located in the US Library of Congress website. There were only 16 copies of this book in the 1st edition. A link to the download can be found here:

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