Santa Gemma fotografie e immagini Page 6

Saint Gemma Ossuary at the Giannini house- click to enlarge

Hankerchief touched to the stigmata of St Gemma

St Gemma's seat for Mass at the della Rosa Church

St Gemma's clothes-storage chest

Monastery-Sanctuary of Saint Gemma in Lucca, Italy

Dining room chair used by St Gemma

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Unknown said...

Lovely pictures of St. Gemma. Such an amazing and inspirational Saint!

Unknown said...

Was St. GEMMA Galgani Sicilian,? What was she known for? How did she die? Was she a martyr? She is a remarkably beautiful and serene young woman!

Anonymous said...

Saint Gemma galgani was not sicilian,she was born in Lucca Italy. She was not a martyr. She was a stigmatic(she had the five wounds of Jesus like St.Francis of Assisi and St.Padre Pio). She died in 1902 of tuberculosis. She is known for her devotion to the Passion of Jesus.

Patrick elam said...


Anonymous said...

I've a first class relic of St Gemma Galgani who is one of my favorite Saints I love to pray ­čÖĆ to, her life is amazing, I'm trying to read a book on her life and it was inspirational, we don't know how lucky we are to have such great Saints as Saint Gemma Galgani.