EWTN Knights of St Michael clip on St Gemma

Jacinta M, a great friend in Saint Gemma, kindly posted a 4 minute clip on St Gemma from an EWTN episode of "The Knights of St Michael".
Mara Ruane portrays St. Gemma Galgani in the segment "God's Heroes", and in it we discover St. Gemma's great love for the Lord, her gratitude for her miraculous cure, her desire for purity, and her great longing to be with God forever.
Thank you Jacinta!


Anonymous said...

Beautifull! Thank you Yacintha nad thank you for posting Glenn!

mennie T. Gutierrez said...

To. St. Gemma ,and to all EWTN Knights of st.Michael.
Please pray to all my families in all your daily Prayers especiallyMyself Herminia Tagudena gutierrez and My son Joseph Angelo Tagudena Gutierez, Ricardo B. Gutierrez , healing , and st. Michael Protection , a daily massess, a daily Rosaries , a daily adoration, s dily prayers and kindly give our name to all your friends and Priest and nuns and to all relious organizations and Convents for prayers and include as in daily activities .God bless thank YOu> and for the families of Tagudnea , Biaco, Baet Sta. Maria, Estanoco, Thank you .

Ken Komisarek said...

Simply exquisite.

Patrick elam said...

Thank you so much she is so beautiful­čĺô Thank you for The beautiful message video­čĺôPatrick elam