Mystics of the Catholic Church

New website devoted to the lesser known Mystics of the Church -By Glenn Dallaire (webmaster)

Although I was raised a Catholic, by age 16 I stopped going to Mass, and I had no interest in God or my Catholic faith. This religious indifference continued throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties. Then, thanks be to God for His mercy and kindness, I met my wife-to-be, who through her holy and faithful example, awakened in me a desire to know God. I began reading the life of a certain mystic (I will not mention her name, because she is still living) and I was immediately enraptured by her extraordinary faith, and the remarkable graces that God gave to her. Through the reading of the life of this mystic, faith in God was awakened in me; I had a deep longing for God for the first time in my life.

Inspired and edified by her exceptional love for God, I continued reading the lives of other Mystics of the Church, including the life of St Gemma, the subject of this website (who by the way is, and has always been my favorite Saint!) For me, it was without a doubt the heroic example of the mystics that led me to God and the practice of the Catholic faith. And so, I am deeply indebted to the Mystics of the Church for their loving witness and their heroic lives of sacrifice and virtue that penetrated into my little world of self-centeredness and religious indifference.

And so, it is in a spirit of deep gratitude and thanksgiving that I am creating a website in honor of the extraordinary Mystics of the Church, especially the lesser known mystics that inspired me the most.

For those interested, the Mystics of the Church website is located here:


"Jesus I love thee! Open Your heart to me; I open mine to You. By why do You act towards me with so much love, while I offend You with countless ingratitudes? This thought alone, if I could but comprehend it, should be enough to turn me into a furnace of love." -St Gemma Galgani


rob said...

May God bless you for work in furthering our faith.I too have a great love for the beautiful Gemma.I am currently pleading for a miracle from Rose Ferron for a cure for a nephew that was badly injured in a car crash many many years ago,sadly I thought that he was not "in this world" and did not think much of his predicument.Of late as to the confinement of a relative to the same nursinghome Ihave come to see him as a victum sole and as such would love to see him well or with God.

Grandson Phiri said...

Thank you so much for you wonderful work and inspiration for people like me. I am a Catholic with interest in church mystics. This may sound funny but your life sounds like a mirror to mine. My father was a Jehovah's witness but I was largely drawn to the Catholic church by desire to know more about saints and their lives. I became Catholic when I was 10 years was active till around 20 years and since then I I haven't been as practically active as a Catholic I want to be. I have a longing and desire to have and know God more than I do. I pray for your work/the lives of saints you bring forth albe for me an inspiration to turn me back to the best version of a Catholic I can. Sorry for the lengthy comment.

Unknown said...

Enter your comment... I love this prayer