Happy St Gemma feast day to all -April 11

Wishing everyone a blessed St Gemma feastday (April 11).

In honor of St Gemma's feast day, here is the inscription that was placed on her first tomb, right after her holy death:
"Gemma Galgani of Lucca, a most innocent virgin, while in her 25th year, consumed rather by the fire of Divine Love than by the violence of disease, flew into the arms of her Heavenly Spouse on Holy Saturday, the eleventh of April, 1903. Peace be to Thee, O sweet soul, in company with the Angels"

Those interested may like to read the account of the holy death of St Gemma here

"Do You believe, oh Jesus, that my heart is a suitable place of rest for You? Are You comfortable in there? Are You contented there? Yes, Jesus, I am happy ... oh Jesus, when my heart will no longer be on earth, but in heaven, what glory for You! How the Angels will rejoice!" -St Gemma Galgani

And now, dear Gemma, that you are with your beloved Jesus, do not forget us who remain here below in this vale of tears, and obtain for us the graces and heavenly help that we need. Teach us how to sacrifice and suffer out of love for Jesus like you did. Guard and protect us from the evil one, and enlighten us against his evil temptations. Inspire and guide us throughout our earthly days, that we may always do God's will, and that we may always be pleasing to Jesus and Mary. Help us to love God with all of our hearts, and be with us always, especially in our last moments, and when we breath our last breath, present us to Jesus, and plead His mercy upon us, that we may be united with Jesus, Mary and you for all eternity. ~St Gemma, pray for us!

"Oh Love, Infinite Love! Oh, despoil me of this flesh. With­draw me from this body, or leave me, because I can stand it no longer. My body, oh Lord, can no longer bear this continual weakness. Take me away from this world, or leave me ... oh Love, Infinite Love! I shall never be separated from Your love, no, never! Oh Love! Oh delights of Love! Oh Love which delights me so much and which torments me still more! Oh Love, love of Jesus, I shall never cede you to anyone! What little love I possess I shall not part with it not even in favor of the Saints of Heaven, nor for you, creatures of earth. This little love is mine. I do not want any to surpass me in the love of Jesus. Oh Love, Infinite Love! See your Love, oh Lord, it penetrates into my very body ... When shall I unite myself to You Who on earth can operate such a union of Love? I can stand it no longer, I am weakening! May I die, and may I die of love. What a beautiful death, oh Lord, victim of Your love, victim for You!" -St Gemma Galgani

In honor of St Gemma's feastday, I have added a few new photographs to the St Gemma photo gallery here.

May Saint Gemma always be our special friend and advocate, and may she lead us ever closer to her beloved Jesus. -St Gemma, pray for us!

From an email by Tim, a friend in Saint Gemma:
"Oh to Paradise! Let us go to Paradise where we shall see God as He is, in all His entirety. When o my God wilt thou take me to Paradise?" And the answer was soon to come. On Holy Saturday, in 1903, the Angel of Death kissed her: her Lover had called. Consumed with love rather than disease, she flew to His loving embrace. A Little Victim of God's Love she now sees Him face to face. And her plea is that we may love like wise. (from Gemma Galgani by Rev. John P. Clarke)

-That day Lucca lost an angel. The same Lucca rejoiced because Gemma had finally received that what she had always wanted: to be in the arms of Jesus. (From an email by Tim)

From St Ann Church Parish Bulletin, week of April 10-16 (my local Parish)


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Happy St. Gemma feast day to you!

Thank you and God bless you for your labor of love in honor of our dear Gemma.

In Jesu XPI Passio,

Fr. Todd said...

Dear Glenn,

Since the Sunday took precendence, liturgically, of course, (Easter 1), I used St. Gemma's feast day as the topic for my sermon today and told all of my parishoners about our beloved, dear Saint Gemma! Thanks to your beautiful website I was able to get much information and quotes for my sermon today! God bless you always for the work you do on behalf of our dear St. Gemma!

Vincent said...

Happy St Gemma feast day to all ! Let us honor our beloved Saint who always prays for us.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear Father Todd,

Thank you for your kind comments. Over the past year and a half you have been one of the greatest supporters of this website and I pray that God may reward you through the interssion of Saint Gemma. May she always guide you and lead you ever closer to her beloved Jesus!

In closing I ask you to please bless this website and all who visit here.

Glenn Dallaire