Sorelle il Musical -Santa Gemma e la Beata Elena Guerra

Sorelle il Musical (Sisters -A Musical)
Santa Gemma e la Beata Elena Guerra (St Gemma and Blessed Elena Guerra)

Chiesa di s.Paolo, Pistoia, Italia
Sabato, 17 Luglio 2010 ore 20.45

(Church of S Paolo, Pistola, Italy
Saturday, July 17, 2010 8:45pm)

Questo musical è nato 10 anni fa. Evidenzia il speciale rapporto tra Gemma e S. Beata Elena Guerra. Fa parte di una missione piccola strada nella città di Pistoia, Italia.

(This musical was born 10 years ago. It highlights the special relationship between St Gemma and Beata Elena Guerra. It is part of a little street mission in the city of Pistoia, Italy.)

Blessed Elena Guerra (pictured in the photograph above) was the foundress of the Oblate Sisters of the Holy Spirit in Lucca (also known as the Sisters of Saint Zita (Zitine Sisters). Gemma had been a student in the school run by Blessed Elena, and they knew each other very well. Blessed Elena wrote a holy hour manual that was published under the title "An hour of prayer with Jesus agonizing in Gethsemane". After her miraculous cure, Gemma made this Holy Hour following the booklet every Thursday night from 11pm to midnight in honor of the Passion of Jesus. This holy hour written by Blessed Elena Guerra and practised by Gemma every Thursday can be found here:
Holy hour written by Blessed Elena Guerra and practised by St Gemma

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