Revelations to St Gemma on the Coredemption of Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary’s role in the redemption of humanity
-Revelations to Saint Gemma concerning the Virgin Mary’s unique participation in our salvation.

St Gemma writes to her spiritual director, Venerable Father Germanus Ruoppolo C.P.:
"This morning after Holy Communion I thought: ‘Oh, what a great sorrow must have been for the Madonna after the birth of Jesus when She thought that they were to crucify Him! What a heart ache! How many sighs, how many times She must have cried! However, She never complained. Poor Mother! Then when She saw Him really crucified, that poor Mom was pierced by so many arrows. I know very well that when a person hurts the son in the presence of a mom or dad, the pain hurts the son and also the parents. Therefore my Mom was crucified together with Jesus. And She never complained. Poor Mother!.."

During her ecstasies she participates even more deeply in the sufferings of the Blessed Virgin:
"Tell me Mom, what did you do when you saw Jesus crowned? What did You do, what did Your heart feel?....Ah! I understand it is a sorrow so great... what a difference between Your heart and mine!...It was a great sorrow...What shall I do here today?..Jesus has died, and You, my Mom, are crying. What will I do? To whom will I talk; who is with me?...I am not worthy, my Mom, that You remain with me...Why are you crying? What causes Your cry? If You cry because they offend Jesus, oh my Mom, then be consoled!.. I will do all I can so that He will not be anymore offended. I will do all I can so that they will leave Him be… not worry my Mother, I will sacrifice everything: words, thoughts, sacrifices, so that He will be less offended...
Oh, wicked sinners stop crucifying Jesus, because at the same time you pierce His Mother!"

We see how Saint Gemma confirms the reality of the complete union between the Son and the Mother in suffering for the salvation of sinners on Calvary, when she exclaims in an ecstasy:

April 7th 1900-
"Oh, my Mom, where are you? Again at the foot of the Cross of Jesus? ... What a sight You saw Mom when Jesus died!...When You placed Him in the tomb! And you could not be with Him anymore? How is it possible that You suffered so much because of me? How did You do it? Poor Jesus!.. Tell me, how did You stand seeing Jesus being crucified to the Cross? My Mom… let me know the cross…. Who will understand You, oh Mother? I see that You continue to look at those wounds. How could I not have compassion on You? If I could.... Oh how great was Your pain!....You cannot recognize Jesus. What did You do?.. .Oh God... Jesus is dead and Mom You are crying. Am I the only one that is so insensitive?.....I do not see anymore one sacrifice: I see two: one for Jesus and one for Mary! Oh Mother, if one could see You with Jesus, one would not be able to say who will be the first one to die: You or Jesus!"

Fifteen days later the saint is again enraptured in another sorrowful ecstasy in front of the Virgin:

April 22, 1900
"I am full of compassion for You, oh my Mom, on seeing You every Saturday standing by the Cross! But the greatest pain is that I cannot give You any comfort.. How sorrowful You are, oh my Mother! If I could comfort You with my little sacrifices, then please accept them Mom, and tell Jesus to hide them in His heart... When You are suffering oh Mom, who is the main cause of your pain? Is it I? Did I build the sword? Then with that same sword wound me also... remove, remove Jesus!... Remove Jesus (from the cross) otherwise my Mom will die!..."

"I do not know which one will be the first one to die. It is such a great sorrow , it is a spasm. Oh I do not see only one Victim any more but two. Why am I the only one so insensible? My Mom! Oh, how are you so able to embrace the Cross for all those souls that want to live without the cross? Oh my Mom! Oh my Jesus! Jesus, He pushes me to love the Cross; oh my Mom, but this cross... No, I will not refuse it, because if I refuse the Cross I refuse Jesus. Yes, I want to love it always. Is it possible not to love it?..."

And so we can readily see how God revealed to Saint Gemma a very deep understanding of the total union that existed between Jesus and Mary during the Passion for the salvation of sinners. Gemma was chosen amongst a few other Saints to be a prophet of the coredemption of Mary, revealing through a divine light that the redemption of humanity was accomplished through the Passion and death of Jesus, in union with Mary's cooperation in the holy sacrifice of Her Son. Thus, Gemma was given a revelation of a most extraordinary penetration into the mystery of the coredemption. For she who saw not one but two sacrifices says:
“I do not see anymore one sacrifice: I see two: one for Jesus and one for Mary! Oh Mother, if one could see You with Jesus, one would not be able to say who will be the first one to die: You or Jesus!”

Through her writings and her recorded ecstasies we see that Gemma had a most intimate and tender love for the Blessed Virgin Mary and couple this with the fact that she was a victim soul for the salvation of souls, we can perhaps then surmise that this was the reason why God revealed to her a most penetrating light into the intimate union in the sufferings of Jesus and Mary for the salvation of souls. For it was through the stigmata, the scourging's and the crown of thorns that Gemma too participated in union with Jesus for the conversion of sinners. "Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I complete what is lacking in Christ's afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the church". (Col 1:24)

Source for this information is from the Italian book "La Povera Gemma" written by Padre Enrico Zoffoli C.P. and published in 1957. The book is a 1014 page hagiography on the extraordinary mystical life of Saint Gemma.

"...Therefore my Mom was crucified together with Jesus. And She never complained. Poor Mother!" -St Gemma Galgani


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