St Gemma's New Year Resolutions

The New Years Resolutions of a Saint

On New Years eve, 1895-1896 Gemma writes:
"So I resolved to change my life, because Jesus had given me clear lights to the effect that I should be a religious. I had a good occasion to do this, for we were about to begin the year of 1896. I wrote in a little notebook: "During this new year I resolve to begin a new life. I do not know what will happen to me during this year. But I abandon myself entirely to you, my God. And my aspirations and all my affections will be for You. I feel so weak, dear Jesus, but with Your help I hope and resolve to live a different life, that is, a life closer to You."

Some of Gemma's other resolutions:
Writing to her spiritual director Gemma writes:
“Father, do you know the latest idea that has come into my head? It is to become a saint at all costs. I made this resolution yesterday evening. During my meditation I was thinking that one lives only once, and it is certain that one is going to die; then one will have to answer to God.”

-But could she ever have imagined that she would not only become a saint in heaven, but become a canonised Saint of the Catholic Church- the first canonised Saint who lived in the 20th century! -O Saint Gemma, pray for us!

Again she writes to her spiritual director: 'Yesterday at the end of my meditation, I was making as usual my resolutions to love Jesus with all my heart, and then my Angel appeared and said-'
"Well then, we shall soon see whether you will prove your resolutions."
'I told this to my confessor, but even he does not know to what the Angel referred. Please tell me if you know.'

And soon afterwards we read how Jesus came and asked her if she would suffer in union with Him for the conversion of sinners, and with her consent He removed the crown of thorns upon His head, and placed is upon hers, causing her much suffering but at the same time much joy, because in doing so she knew that she was pleasing Jesus.

"Oh My Jesus, mercy!" -Another resolution and one of Gemma's favorite sayings

Gemma once wrote another resolution in her Autobiography:
"Every time the clock strikes I will repeat three times: 'My Jesus, mercy!''

In fact, this was probaly her favorite saying. So much so in fact that during the last days of her life when one of the Nusrisng Sisters of the religious Order of St Camillius (who were caring for her at that time) asked Gemma what was her favorite aspiration to God, and Gemma immediately replied- "My Jesus, mercy!"

This saying of Gemma is even immortalised in a beautiful relic crucifix that was made in her honor, and which I have the grace of having in my possession. In the photo to the left we can see Gemma's words immortalised in Latin above the Sacred Heart of Jesus "O mi Jesu, misericordia" (O my Jesus, mercy").

"My heart is always united to Jesus, who more and more consumes me. Oh my most sweet Jesus, I would wish to be all dissolved in the midst of the flames of Your Love. Oh, how can I correspond, my God, since You have given me so much? Who will help me in this? To Your Mercy alone I owe the little love that there is in my poor heart for Thee." -St Gemma Galgani

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