Website package offer

The St Gemma website package offer

The website package offer as shown in the photo above includes four black and white St Gemma photo holy prayer cards, one St Gemma relic card, one color holy card, one "Triduum prayers to St Gemma" prayer pamphlet, one medal, and one “Gemma Galgani, Gem of Christ” booklet, --all for $17 + $4.50 shipping= $21.50 total.

The St Gemma medal and each of the holy cards are touched to a 1st class relic of St Gemma, asking her intercession upon those who receive them.

To order, click here to go to the St Gemma Gift Store.

Or, those in the U.S.A. who prefer to use the mail may send American cash, personal check or money order, well hidden in an envelope to:
Glenn Dallaire
42 Crown St.
Bristol, CT 06010

When ordering, please be sure to include your current mailing address. Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

"Fire! Fire in my heart! This morning it is burning......Dear Jesus, I love you so much! I shall endeavor always to love You; I shall live to love You; I shall die to love You!"....Give me wings oh Jesus, so I can fly to Your throne!" -St Gemma Galgani -June, 1902


Wendy said...

Hi Glenn,

I received my St. Gemma medals and holy cards yesterday and want to let you know how happy I am with them!
The cards, especially, are amazing and the quality and durability is fantastic...I will be ordering more for family members soon!
Thanks for continuing to do this great website and get the word out about St. Gemma! She was truly an amazing saint and is one of my favorites along with Padre Pio.
God bless,

Kimberly H. said...


I received your package on Friday, and you can add my testimony to the others on the site--the holy cards and medal are of excellent quality! I was also very touched by the locket you included.

I must tell you that for several years now I have had problems with my shoulders, elbows, and wrists due to repetitive stress injury, and since receiving your package I have not had any pain from this, something that had made a number of tasks difficult before.

Many blessings upon you, your family, and your ministry,

Kimberly H.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me about how the cards are touched to a first class relic? Does this make them a third class relic? Thank you

Glenn Dallaire said...

To reply to your question, I touch each card individually to one of the 1st class relics of St Gemma in my possession (most always the one that is in a locket which I wear on a necklace all the time---this particular relic I received from a Passionist priest---in fact it was my first relic of St Gemma.)

The intention in touching the holy cards to the 1st class relic is to ask Gemma's intercession upon those who receive the cards. By touching the cards to a 1st class relic by definition the cards actually then become a 3rd class relic.

So I hope this answers your question.

I pray that St Gemma may always be close to you and may she lead you ever closer to Jesus, her beloved Spouse.
-Glenn Dallaire

Heidi said...

Hi Glenn, I received my St. Gemma clothing relic medal and holy cards today, they got here really fast. The medal is beautiful, I just love it and the prayer cards as well. I'll treasure them as well as sharing a card with a friend.
Thank you,

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Heidi,
Thank you for letting me know that you received the St Gemma items safely. I am really happy to hear that you are pleased with them and I pray that St Gemma may always be very close to you, and may she lead you ever closer to Jesus.

Best wishes and may God bless you and your loved ones.
~St Gemma, pray for us!
Glenn Dallaire

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Suzee's home,
I am sorry to hear that you were having difficulties ordering---I just checked and the Paypal system seems to be working fine now, so perhaps you can try again. I suspect that maybe Paypal was having a glitch during the time you were trying to order. As for ordering and postal shipping to Singapore, there is no problem, since I often ship orders all over the world.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire