Triduum to St Gemma in honor of Passionist feast day May 16

Triduum to St Gemma in honor of Passionist feast day, May 16.

The Triduum (three days of prayer) in honor of St Gemma's Passionist feastday begins Saturday, May 14th. The feastday that the Passionist's celebrate every year in honor of St Gemma is May 16th. On this day there are special celebrations at Passionist monasteries and retreat houses throughout the world in honor of Saint Gemma, and numerous Memorial Masses are celebrated in her honor.

For those interested, the Triduum to Saint Gemma can be found here.

Also, the memorial Mass in honor of St Gemma can be found here.
"Here I am in the month of May! I think of the many blessings that my Mom gave me in this first years of my life, and I am so ashamed...because I have not looked at that Heart and that Hand that would bring me so much kindness...yes, my dear dad ( Fr. Germano) -how many times in front of an image of my Mom I have confided in Her all the anxieties of my heart! And how many times my Mom has comforted me! In all my sufferings I remember that I do not have my mom on earth, but I do have a compassionate One in Heaven..."


Anonymous said...

Dear St Gemma,Please pray for me and my intentions on my birthday july 23.

Jeannie Holler said...

During this pandemic of Covid 19 .
I pray that I will not be inflicted with this disease or any members of my family. Intercede for us St. Gemma that this pandemic and deadly virus will go away , never to return. Thank you St. Gemma.

Steve Browning said...

Dear Saint Gemma,
Please, pray for unity in the RCC.
Today, German priests defied Pope Francis
with blessings of same-sex unions.