St Gemma's intercession and St Gemma's chapel in Sittard, Netherlands

Recent stories of St Gemma's intercession and also some photographs of the Saint Gemma Chapel in Sittard, Netherlands

I often receive emails and letters about the heavenly help and intercession of Saint Gemma in the lives of people throughout the world. I just received a couple of these remarkable stories yesterday, along with another email about a pilgrimage made to the St Gemma Chapel, in Sittard, Netherlands, so I thought I would put them together in an article here.

The first part of this article concerns the remarkable intercession of St Gemma in the grace of a healing from a back-spinal problem due to an accident 10 years ago (in 2001). I have received permission from the recipient of this grace (Patricia) to publish her email here. This grace occurred right after a Mass that was part of an all day Church festival in New Jersey in honor of St Padre Pio, and the email was written to the pastor of the Church where this grace occured. (Note: I removed email addresses and last names for privacy purposes -webmaster)

From: (address withheld)
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 10:59 AM
To: (address withheld)
Subject: your previous festival

Dear Father,

I have a miraculous story to tell.

My husband and I attended your festival in September. We live in Delaware County, PA; outside of Philadelphia. Your festival was advertised in church bulletins in our area. We decided to come, and we knew about the blessing with relics.

We arrived at your lovely parish as blessings were still going on. We were in line and approached the priest. I do not know the name of this priest, but he was a balding gentleman with some dark hair, and he wore glasses. As you enter from the church's main entrance this priest was in the far right aisle. My husband was in back of me. I told this priest that I have had constant back pain since an accident(in 2001). I had been told I would always have trouble.

The priest took out part of the stole he was wearing; it had an image of Saint Gemma Galgani on it. Father had my husband place and hold the stole on my back with the image against my back. Father said a prayer, and as prayer was said; I felt intense heat on my back where stole was resting. After the blessing, I mentioned this to Father, and he said "praise God". Father also checked if my husband's hand was warm, and it was not; we were also told that Saint Gemma suffered back pain, and was patroness of back sufferers.

Father, I had that heat feeling the rest of that day, it did not leave till late at night. It is now October 10th, and I have had no back pain, I walk better, and my stamina is back. I truly believe Saint Gemma has interceded for me.

Thank you for reading this; I had to share. If you recognize the brief description of this priest, please relay this message. God bless!

Patricia (Last name witheld)
Glenolden, PA 19036

The second story of Gemma's recent intercession comes from a friend in St Gemma named Jim Dunning. Some might recognise this name as Mr. Dunning wrote an article about Gemma for this website, along with numerous other articles for my "Mystics of the Church" website. Awhile back I had mailed Jim a couple of the St Gemma photo holy prayer cards that I offer, and he gave one to his friend who was in the hospital suffering with cancer. Additionally, he states that he "said 3 Novena's to Gemma" for her intercession. In his email he writes:

"Could you possibly let me have another photo of St. Gemma Galgani? I lent one to a friend who was in hospital for 6 months with cancer. She has made a remarkable recovery (and still has the photo...)! I said 3 Novenas to Gemma, which may account for her cure."

Jim additionally wrote how grateful her husband was for her remarkable recovery.

The last part of this article is simply some photos that were just shared with me from a friend in St Gemma named Bram who recently made a pilgrimage to the St Gemma Chapel in Sittard, The Netherlands.

Note the pictures of St Gemma on the votive candles.

And the words on the plaque are a prayer written by Saint Gemma that translated says:

"Prayer of holy Gemma,

My good Jesus, see me here at your feet,
kneeled down to express to You
the gratitude of my heart for the great continual benefits
from your Goodness that I have received and those that I will receive.

Every time I called upon You, O Jesus, I was heard.
The more I have taken refuge in You, the more You have comforted me.
How can I fully say to You, my Jesus, what my heart feels?

O, how I thank You, but I would like another new grace (mention request........),
only O my God, if this is your pleasure.
If You were not Almighty, I would not ask this favour.
O Jesus, have pity on me,
but in everything may Your blessed Will be done. -Amen +
-Prayer of Saint Gemma

And while we are on the subject of a Chapel devoted to Saint Gemma, I would like to point out something that is very much needed here in the USA; and that is a Chapel or a Church in honor of St Gemma Galgani. The reason for this is that the ONLY Church in her honor, that is Saint Gemma Galgani Church in Detroit, Michigan was recently closed and decomissioned in 2009.

(Photo to the left is of the old St Gemma Galgani Church in Detroit, now closed).

So as of today there are no churches, chaples or shrines anywhere in the USA in her honor. This is truly unfortunate when one considers that there are perhaps thousands of Churches, Chapels and Shrines across the country. Hopefully soon however a new or moving Parish will be inspired to honor St Gemma, God willing, and take her as their holy patroness. This has recently happened for example with the recently canonised Saint (Padre) Pio who already has several Parishes named in his holy honor in both New York and New Jersey where Parishes were moved/combined. Hopefully Saint Gemma will be honored in a similar fashion here in the USA, because I am certain that God will be pleased to grant many more extraordinary graces through her intercession, just like the one given at the top of this article, if only souls sought her heavenly intercession and help, because by her extraordinary example of love and devotion, Gemma always leads souls ever closer to Jesus, her beloved Spouse. And so that He may be loved and glorified through His Saints, Jesus is very pleased to work countless miracles through Saints such as Gemma, the "Gem of Christ".
"How affectionate Jesus showed Himself to be today. But how He suffers! I do what I can to diminish His anguish and I would do more if I had permission. He came near today, lifted the crown from my head, and then I did not see Him replace it as usual on his head; He held it in His hands, all his wounds were open, but they did not drip blood as usual. They were beautiful.He usually blesses me before leaving, and in fact He lifted his right hand; from that hand I then saw a ray of light shine forth, much stronger than a lamp. He kept his hand raised; I remained fixed in watching it, I could not get enough of Him. Oh if! could make everyone know and see how beautiful is my Jesus. He blessed me with that same hand He had raised, and He left me. After this happened to me, I wanted to know the meaning of the light that shone from his wounds, in particular from his right hand, the one he blessed me with. My guardian Angel said these words to me: "Daughter, on this day Jesus' blessing has showered an abundance of graces upon you." -Some words from St Gemma's Diary


Anonymous said...

I have a first class relic of St. Gemma, I got it in Rome, I have a 26 year old son with Scoliosis, do you have any prayers to pray to St. Gemma for people with back problems?

Thank you for this wonderful website,

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous.
Thanks for your comments. I am sorry to hear of your sons scoliosis. I too have scoliosis, but thankfully in my case it is only a mild curvature.

As far as prayers, there is a prayer section on this website which you will find in the "prayers" section on the right hand side column--just scroll down a bit and you will see it. There are no specific prayers for those with back problems but several of the prayers have a "mention request" part where you can add your own prayer intentions.

I pray that St Gemma may intercede and help your son with his scoliosis.

Thanks again for your comment and may God bless you and your loved ones.
-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Dear Glenn,
It is too bad Gemma has been canonized! Your website and the collected tributes to Gemma's intercession would surely have aided her to be canonized.
Brother Michael of the Cross