Some words of St Gemma in celebration of her birthday

Some words of St Gemma in honor of the anniversary of her birthday (March 12)

Around Thursday, June 26, 1902
(Some words of Gemma while in ecstasy)

“Your love, oh God, has truly passed all limits. Yes, toward me it passes all limits.
What do you want, Jesus? To a creature, oh my God, who in idolizing pleasure turned her back on you so many times, you do this? ... You always make me stay under the weight of your divine mercy, instead of making me stay under the weight of your divine….

I always seek you, oh Jesus; I seek always to promote your glory, to love nothing but your love. Answer me, oh Jesus; why this silence? ... My God, why do you not answer? ... Say something to me. If you wanted something in return from me, you should have granted me these favors little by little, not all in a hurry as you have done.

Oh Jesus, oh light, where are you? Illuminate my eyes; don't make me live any longer in the darkness, oh my God. So when will I see you again, oh Jesus?
What ... did you say maybe I would not see you again? ... I don't remember your saying that.

Give me wings, oh Jesus, so I can fly to your throne. But there are too many things, oh Jesus, that prevent this soul from flying to you. You issue a command, oh Jesus; you'll see that everyone will obey. You alone stay, oh Jesus, in my soul, and you will see that no one will dare to molest it.

But I don't see you ... Really, I don't see You... When I was little, I was told that you were always present, but I don't see you.. Where are you?...Where have you gone?... And without even saying goodbye!..."

Near the end of August, 1902
(Some words of Gemma while in ecstasy)

"Love of my love, Jesus, my delight, my comfort! Sometimes, Jesus, your severity frightens me, but I am consoled by your pleasing ways. You will always be my Father and I will always be your faithful daughter and, if you like, I will be your lover.

Make me a little place in your ciborium, my solitude, my repose. Most Holy Trinity, so as not to be so ungrateful to my Jesus, I offer you my intellect, may the Holy Spirit enrich me with virtue and grace. I am at fault for not falling in love with you, oh Jesus ... What a beautiful love yours is, Jesus! Let it never be offended ... Do not allow, Jesus, that with my ingratitude your infinite wisdom should be discredited. Oh stop, stop with all these gifts. Jesus, listen to me, as well…

What shall I do, Jesus, to hide my heart from your fire? Come, Jesus, I open my breast, put in your divine fire. You are flame, Jesus, and you would like my heart to transform itself in to flame.

But why does my spirit not make every effort to be pleasing to you? Why does my pride not wish to lower itself before the greatness of so many favors? ... Lovable Jesus, my solitude, my sleep, my repose! Give me a small place, Jesus, in some tiny niche of your ciborium.”

A prayer to St Gemma:
O' holy Gemma, look kindly upon us from your place with Jesus and Mary in heaven and obtain for us the graces that we need to save our souls. Be always close to us; guide and inspire us that we might love Jesus with all of our hearts and souls like you did. Teach us to sacrifice and suffer out of love for Him, and help us to do God's holy will in all things. Ask Jesus to send forth the fire of His love into our poor hearts, that it may purify and transform us into a ever deeper union with Him. Help us to turn towards Jesus on the Cross and contemplate His Passion, that like you we may always seek to recognise our sins and repent of them.

Everyday lead us closer to Jesus your beloved Spouse and be with us in our final moments in this life, to strengthen us in our faith, hope and love, and when we breathe our last breath, plead our cause before Jesus, that we might be forgiven of all our sins and enter into the joy of Heaven, to be forever united with Jesus, Mary and you for all eternity. We ask this in the Name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. AMEN +

-St Gemma, pray for us!


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I am a Buddhist. And the Buddha is the the absolute supreme consciousness which is beginningless and endless. I accept and worship holy mother , Jesus and St. Gemma as the embodiments of the Buddha.