Autobiography and Diary of St Gemma for Kindle for free download

The Autobiography, Diary and Biography of Saint Gemma are now available for Kindle and other mobile devices for free, along with free PDF files.

A friend in St Gemma named Christopher took the time to convert Gemma's Diary, Autobiography and also Fr. Amedeo's Biography of Gemma (in english) into several file formats for Kindle and other mobile devices and has kindly made them available to all the readers of this website for free.

The files are availible in the following formats: 

On behalf of all who are devoted to St Gemma I would like to sincerely thank Christopher for making these files available for free--may God reward him for his efforts.

The files are available for download here:
The Diary of Saint Gemma Galgani:

The Autobiography of Saint Gemma Galgani

Biography of St Gemma Galgani "Blessed Gemma Galgani" by Father Amedeo, C.P.

~St Gemma, pray for us!

"Can You see that as soon as the day breaks I think of You? As evening comes, I am near You.....I am near You at every moment....I love You, Jesus....."
"Jesus is the owner of my heart, and belonging to Him I find that I can smile, even in the midst of tears."
 -St Gemma Galgani


Tarots gratuit said...

I stop frequently on your site that I really like, it lets me get away and think about other things .... What happiness! Thank you

Anonymous said...

St. Gemma, please pray for me and Jeremy and our hearts together. THANK YOU!!!

Marist12 said...


Gema said...

Hello, I was wondering where I could find a file with images of all pages of the manuscript St Gemma wrote, the full autobiography page by page in photos. Does that exist, and what library might I find it at please and thank you?

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
I personally do not know of any image file that contain the full autobiography however it is possible to view the actual autobiography which is kept in a special glass case by the Postulator General of the Passionists at the General Curia in Rome.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Unknown said...

Gemma visited me in a dream. No words that I remember. I'm here to listen and learn

Unknown said...

She has also visited me in my dreams twice that I am now aware.

gosaintjoe said...

Just wondering why your username is "tarot gratuit". I want to inform you, kindly but seriously, that tarot cards are spiritually very dangerous. Our use of them takes us away from God because if we use them, we seek a power which is evil and does not come from him.

June E. Dahl said...

This is to "second the motion " on the comment of "gosaintjoe" who in turn commented on "tarot gratuit ". Tarot Cards are for those who delve disobediently into the OCCULT. Jesus forbade us to do this. His reasoning was that the world of the OCCULT is way beyond our ability to handle and to deal with. We must ALWAYS pray to God in the presence of visions and mystical forces. Also, apropos, these comments, I heard the audio- reading on a YouTube streaming book, read for the edification of listeners and distributed by a Catholic Sacred Heart foundation: I listened to. It was an informative audio -reading of the diary and some letters, which were thought provoking and so I bought "The Autobiography of Gemma Galgani and her diary" . This combination work contained digital copies which are faithful to the digital pages put out for "kindle" devices. The publisher : "Creeping Light Classics" which was obviously a pagan non-believing agency of digital printing , was professional and copied what they were supplied with. The missing part, though, was the BIBLIOGRAPHY and the BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES OF THE TRANSLATOR FROM THE ITALIAN INTO ENGLISH. This was a scholarly FAILURE to provide ! Because of its secular existence, this work contained no Catholic imprimatur. and the work of the biography may have been manipulated by a protestant handler! or pagan person who was very little acquainted with the Catholic basics and with Theology ! I say this, because of the remark about the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION FEAST on PAGE 83 ! The feast was FOOTNOTED. The footnote (#2) was a statement about the sinfulness of our Blessed Mother , Maria. It stated clearly that , because of her anxiety for the 12 year old , Jesus being LOST,in the temple, then, Maria, could not have been CONCEIVED WITHOUT ORIGINAL SIN, BECAUSE ANXIETY ABOUT GOD is a SIN of LACK OF TRUST IN GOD AND A TRANSGRESSION. THIS IS ON PAGE 83 OF THIS PARTICULAR WORK ! I could argue back in debate: that: Our Lord, when He hung on the Cross is said to have stated : "Why have you abandoned me? " to His Father, GOD ! and asked the author of the footnote: "Does this footnote also tell us that for Jesus and for Mary, they were not allowed to be nervous under torture and pain ?" Clearly this footnote is written by a Satanic thinking person ! who is intent on denigrating and demeaning: Mary, Our Blessed Mother who has been crowned: Queen of Heaven.The person may have been of the Baptist Christian religion, but, not a Catholic, as was St. Gemma Galgani. This DIARY AND AUTOBIOGRAPHY may be OK ,generally, but, the footnotes, put, Our Blessed Mother, Mary, in the work, in a doubtful light ! The translation may possibly have been manipulated. . . However, the work bears a uniformity to other information which I have been privileged to read and to listen to, and it all in all, has served to strengthen my love and loyalty and faith to the holy family and in particular to Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord and Master !

Anonymous said...

Our church, St. Mary’s Sacramento, CA, has a statue of St. Gemma in the Infant Mary Chapel at the back of the church.
I have been a parishioner there for 27 years and nobody seems to know why this tribute to her exists as all other statuary are of widely known saint often found in Catholic Churches. Our parish was originally founded and built by Italians and Croatians nearly 100 years ago. The current church was built around 1948 in what at that time was a largely Italian neighborhood and has been the spiritual home to hundreds of Italians.