Novena and Triduum for the Passionist feast day of St Gemma, May 16

Novena (9 Day) and Triduum (3 Day) for the Passionist feast day of St Gemma, May 16

Because of St Gemma's great desire during her lifetime to become a Passionist, although for various reasons she was never accepted into their Congregation, after her death the Passionist soon considered her to be one of their number, and therefore she is considered a lay-Passionist. And while her feast day is normally celebrated on the day she flew to heaven (April 11th),  the Passionist Congregation celebrate her feast day annually on May 16th. In honor of the Passionist feast of St Gemma here are links to the 9-day Novena of St Gemma which begins this year (2013) on Wednesday May 8, and also the 3-day Triduum which begins on Tuesday, May 14.

Also for those interested  I have posted the "Divine Office of Readings for the Memorial of Gemma Galgani- May 16" 

-St Gemma, pray for us!
"Sometimes dear Father (Father Germano) I tremble and turn bright red when I think of how impure I am when I recieve Jesus (in Communion) who is the essence of Purity. And it is surely because of this impurity that beside the fire of Jesus I am colder and colder. But Jesus, my dear Jesus, loves me even this way, and continuously lets Himself be felt in my soul. I have only one good thing, dear Father, and it is good intentions. At least I think I have these. And, since Jesus tells me that this greatly helps one who is weak and poor like I am, so I hope these good intentions at least will be pleasing to one who is strong and great like Jesus" -St Gemma Galgani

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