By: Bruno Hagspiel S.V.D.
Hugo Aubry, S.V.D. Librorum Censor
George Cardinal Mundelein, D.D. Archiepiscopus Chicagiensis, Chicagine die 11. m. Aprilis, 1939
First Printing: 5.000 copies Second Printing: 5.000 copies Third Printing: 15.000 copies PRINTED IN U.S.A.
It is somewhat startling to realize that if Bl. Gemma Galgani were alive today, she would be only sixty-one years old. She died at the age of twenty-five, in 1903. Thirty years later, in 1933, she was beatified, and the cause of her canonization was pressed forward with increasing enthusiasm until this year, 1939, when she will be solemnly canonized at Rome.
The "Maiden of Lucca" displayed such extraordinary sanctity and purity of soul, such perfect resignation to the will of God in the manifold trials and troubles and difficulties that beset her life from childhood on, and in addition she received so many evidences of exceptional grace from on high, that her fame spread throughout Italy and has extended over the world. We venture to say that next to the "petite sainte" of Lisieux probably none of the many saints canonized in the last two decades will become so popular as Bl. Gemma Galgani. There is no better testimony to the remarkable influence her life has had upon all who became acquainted with it than the high tribute paid her by Cardinal Aidan Gasquet, renowned for his profound learning, in the foreword which he wrote to the English biography of Bl. Gemma from the pen of his religious' confrere, Father A. M. O'Sullivan, O.S.B. To quote from this foreword:
"This biography of Gemma Galgani truly deserves to be read, even though its subject is that of a young woman of our own day. It would be difficult to find another example of greater efficacy of divine grace in a soul that gave herself so unreservedly to its sweet control. ...
"So far as I am personally concerned, no life of a saint in the whole history of the Church has brought me closer to the supernatural and in such measure as the life of Gemma Galgani."
Bl. Gemma is to be the patron saint of druggists, pharmacists, nurses, and of all those aiding the suffering.
May this little brochure serve at the same time as a modest token of gratitude for many and great favors received through her intercession, and for the increased honor of her name, who deserves so well the title: The Passion Flower of Lucca.
Techny, Illinois. April 11, 1939 (Feastday of Saint Gemma Galgani)
The White Passion Flower of Lucca
Light! How enchanting is the idea of light! Man longs' for light. It is an innermost need of his life. From the secret powers of nature he seeks to draw it to illuminate the houses and streets when the sun has gone to rest - yes, to communicate its brightness to the paths of the air and the sea.
In the same degree the desire of man goes out to the spiritual light, more perhaps at the present day than ever before, anxiously and restlessly, when mankind is often losing the way, plunging deeper and deeper into darkness' and night. Like the little boy in the story who, enraptured by the golden light of the setting sun, thought within himself: "A place so resplendent with light and gold must be a beautiful and blissful country to dwell in," and straightway set out to find it. The rough stones bruised his feet, the shadows began to fall and he realized too late that he had followed a phantom.
The True Light
Man is so prone to forget that the true light, for which his soul longs with every fiber of his being, is the love of Christ, the love without measure or limit, the love that transcends, penetrates and governs everything. The love which Jesus bears to each and everyone of us, because man is created to the image and likeness of God, his heavenly Father. Like none other, He knows the awful misery of suffering and sin which has come down upon mankind, transplanting itself from soul to soul in a most terrifying manner and threatening to destroy all with its devastating poison. Jesus penetrates the souls. He knows that they differ one from another, like flower from flower, like the song of one bird from that of another. He meets them in various ways; seeks them in a thousand places; pursues them with His love along the most intricate paths. All, all the timid and the weak, the courageous and the strong, the sinners and the saints, the innocent and the guilty, He desires to lead to His heavenly Father. For each individual soul Jesus Christ came down to this earth. For all He lived, suffered and died. In His Church He has placed the rich treasury of His graces at the disposal of all.

Ah! If men would but go to Jesus who, full of mercy. is hanging with outstretched arms, bleeding and dying. on the rough tree of the cross! His entire attitude is an expression of the inexpressible sorrow which fills His soul at the folly of His creatures, who go elsewhere to seek that peace and happiness which He alone can give. Oh! If only our faith were strong enough to realize that Jesus seeks each one of us; that His one great desire is to make us happy! How willingly we would go to Him; how our souls would blossom and bloom in the warm sunshine of the love of our Brother and Friend! Jesus is the divine victim in whom the boundless love of God is made manifest to us. Men must experience this love in order to reciprocate it. In the presence of this God, who becoming man, has laid down His life for us, they will learn to understand the true value of self-sacrifice, self-denial. suffering and pain; of love heightened to the degree of martyrdom. That without them, all human wisdom fades like vapor in the sky and every other endeavor remains fruitless. It is heartrending to see the constantly growing number of those who reject Christ, who perish without faith, hope or love.
Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life
But the Saviour in His love does not will this destruction .. He sends apostles to these erring souls, to lead them to Him who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He makes choice of elect souls destined to suffer, to "fill up those things which are wanting of the sufferings of Christ (Col. 1: 24). Souls who long for pain and death as for a great treasure; souls who with St. Paul cry out into the world: "Far be it from me that I glory but in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Gal. 6: 14) ; souls who consider all things of this world as dross, in order to delve into the depths of the wisdom and knowledge of God. Hidden in Christ their light burns brightly until, having consumed their weak mortal frame, it becomes a shining torch flooding the whole world with its brilliance and calling numberless souls back from the path of sin and error to the way of truth and virtue.
Childhood Days of the "Gem of Christ"
One of these messengers of God, a beautiful blossom of womanhood, was born in an obscure Italian village on March 12, 1878. Unknown in pain and poverty, she spent her short life. And yet, in 1933 the honors of beatification were bestowed upon her by Holy Mother Church, and her fame has traveled to the ends of the earth. Unknown in life, millions today invoke her saying: "Bl. Gemma Galgani, pray for us."
The exterior life of Bl. Gemma is very simple. Sorrow and suffering approached her at an early age and accompanied her to the end, making her life a veritable martyrdom. Family, trials, sufferings and spiritual desolation tortured her.
Only one month after the birth of Gemma. her parents removed from the picturesque village of Camigliano, lying hidden among vineyards and olive groves. to the city of Lucca. In this ancient city, which dates its origin from the ancient Etruscans and is as rich in tradition as in beautiful churches and palaces, little Gemma grew up surrounded by the loving care of her parents and the happy companionship of her sisters and brothers. Of eight children Gemma was the fifth. Her father, Henry Galgani, was' a chemist in good circumstances and an upright and just man. From the age of two to seven years, Gemma attended the private school conducted by the sisters Vallini. Here she learned to read and write and to do other useful things appropriate to her age. The sisters felt the highest regard for her and attributed to the prayers of little Gemma the preservation of their school from the contagion of a whooping-cough epidemic which broke out in Lucca during that time.
She was exceptionally intelligent, which is verified by the fact that at the early age of five years she could recite the Office of Out Lady and the Office of the Dead as fluently as an adult. Her father had a special affection for his little Gemma and pampered her in every way. But the little one objected to this, knowing well that it might be the cause of quarrels and jealousy among the other children of the family. In the heart of her mother, a saintly woman, Gemma likewise held a special place, for the mother saw how wonderfully grace was working in the pure soul of her child. She would often speak to her of the love of Jesus and of His suffering and death, and taught her how to pray. Closer than the bonds of blood was the spiritual union of these two souls.
Her First Great Sacrifice
The death of a mother is a painful event in the life of all of us. This sorrow was also to be for Gemma the first great sacrifice demanded by Jesus from His chosen spouse. Her mother, Aurelia, died of consumption at the early age of 39 years. A short time before her death, her mother, more solicitous than ever, arranged to have Gemma, although only 8 years old, receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Shortly after the ceremony was over Gemma heard a mysterious voice in her heart asking her consent to the coming separation from her beloved mother. What emotions must have surged through the heart of the young girl at that moment! In spite of her age she . resigned herself without reserve to the will of God, and with the same readiness she left her mother a few days later in obedience to her father who. fearing for his child's health. sent her to her aunt in the country. There. in St. Gennaro. the sorrowful news of the pious death of her mother was communicated to Gemma, who received it with admirable resignation to the will of God. This first great sorrow was soon to be followed by others.
From now on her path will be strewn with thorns which will wound her feet at every step. But the young girl who had proved herself so brave on the day of her Confirmation will not shirk or turn back. but will bravely follow her Divine Master into the abyss of suffering to the agony in the garden. She will share with Him His scourging and crowning with thorns. Like her beloved Master, she will immolate herself in fervent prayers for the salvation of souls. Henceforth, love will he so strong in the heart of Gemma. the little obscure maiden. that she will dare to wrestle even with God Himself, to snatch from Him, as it were, the most wonderful conversions. She is ready for every sacrifice, and the Saviour, who loves generous souls, does not spare her.
Having returned to her father's house, Gemma missed the loving presence of her mother everywhere. for now she had no one to speak to her of Jesus. To complete her education Gemma was sent as a day scholar to the Sisters of St. Rita. She attended this school to her sixteenth year. Here she was educated, not only in secular branches, but also in spiritual things.
Her First Holy Communion
Gemma although only nine years of age, ardently desired to go to Holy Communion, but at that time the age for first Holy Communion was much later than now. Her family was opposed to it and it was only through the intervention of Msgr. Giovanni Volpi, the Spiritual Director-of the Institute, who told her father that Gemma would die of longing and grief if she would not be permitted to make her first Communion, that the privilege was granted to her. Her preparation for this great day (Feast of the Sacred Heart, 1887) was equal to her desire. Her thirsting soul drank in, as it were, every word spoken to her in those days of the mystery of love and of the Passion of our Lord. Who can describe what passed between Gemma. this child of only nine years, and her sacramental Saviour? From this day on she had only one desire, intense, burning, and insatiable: to give herself entirely to the Heart of Jesus.
On the occasion of her first Communion Day she jotted down the following resolutions:
1. I will so confess and communicate each time as though it were the last.
2. I will visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament frequently, particularly when I am sad at heart.
3. I will prepare myself for each feast of the Mother of God by some mortification and thus make myself worthy of her favor.
4. I will always walk in the presence of God .
5. As often as I hear the hours strike I will recite three times: My Jesus, mercy!"
The Saviour drew her soul to Him with the sweetest consolations. Gemma never forgot this day; each year she celebrated its anniversary, her "feast day," as she was wont to refer to it, with extraordinary devotion. An unbounded love for the Blessed Sacrament animated her throughout her days and brought her almost daily to the Feast of Divine Love.
She realized how the sacrifice to surrender herself unreservedly to' Jesus increased her strength, and felt the seed sown by the Divine Hand into her heart take root and blossom. Only too soon her spirit of sacrifice was put to the test.
In the School of the Cross
In 1894 another great grief was approaching. Her brother Gino, a seminarian, two years older than she, had contracted consumption, and, like her mother died of the disease. Gemma was attached to him with the most tender affection. She nursed him and watched with him day and night. So great was her grief at his death that she fell dangerously ill shortly after and for three months had to remain in bed. On her recovery, the doctor advised her withdrawal from school, and Gemma perfectly resigned, humbly accepted his decision. Gemma now took up the quiet round of daily duties in the home and became the good angel of her little sisters and brothers. So devoted was she to duty that one could easily see that her soul was constantly united with Jesus, and that her one desire was to please Him alone. Jesus rewarded her fidelity in the way in which He rewards His friends whom He desires to make like Himself. He sent her new crosses. Gemma developed a necrosis of the foot which necessitated an immediate and painful operation. Even the surgeon marveled at her wonderful fortitude in bearing the terrible suffering which it caused her. This cross was followed by another of a different kind.
The many sicknesses in the family had greatly diminished the once considerable resources of her father. Honorable and upright, he judged all by his own standard of conduct. Taking advantage of this there were those who induced him to make imprudent investments which led to a complete bankruptcy. The creditors closed the pharmacy and seized all the movable and immovable furniture and even the last few pennies which was all the Galgani’s possessed. Mr. Galgani shortly afterwards fell sick with cancer of the throat and died in November, 1897. The poor orphans were left absolutely destitute. "I wish to suffer for you, to suffer much," Gemma had said to Jesus. She had already taken many steps on the road to Calvary, but she had not yet reached its summit.
Soon after Gemma fell ill again. The doctor who examined her declared her disease to be tuberculosis of the spine, and hopeless. A year of intense suffering followed, during which Gemma endured the pains and the growing need of the family with heroic courage and constancy. When all hope of recovery had ceased she was cured by a miracle through the intercession of Saint Gabriel Possenti the Passionist.
During her sickness she had made a vow to enter religious life if she would be cured. She now began to think of putting it into execution. She applied at several convents, but found all doors closed. Her extreme poverty, her delicate health, and not the least her extraordinary experiences in the spiritual life, all proved an obstacle to her entrance. Regretfully, but resigned, Gemma turned away from the convent and once more walked the streets of the world, putting all her trust in God and His loving providence. Extraordinary heroism brings extraordinary graces.
The Bride of Christ
Gemma's soul purified by suffering was now ripe to receive those marvelous graces preserved by God for His favored ones. He impressed His sacred wounds on her hands and feet and in her side, from which blood flowed. Soon after she was favored with the mystical scourging, crowning with thorns and the wound of the shoulder. Now she could in all truth say with Saint Paul: "With Christ I am nailed to the cross. I live now not I but Christ liveth in me" (Gal. 2: 19-20). Her natural humility shrank from relating to her confessor these extraordinary happenings. Then following an interior inspiration she revealed the entire situation to one of the Passionist Fathers who were at that time giving a mission at Lucca. The meeting with the sons of Saint Paul of the Cross seemed providential in order that she might become acquainted with the Order of the Passionists. From now on all her desires and hopes were to become a Passionist nun. When her plans were again frustrated she said with full resignation:
"The habit of the Passionist will be held ready for me by Jesus at the gate of Paradise," and then gazing prophetically into the future she added: "They will not have me in life, they will have me in death."
A New Haven
In the meantime Divine Providence opened a refuge for her where she could more freely serve God than at home where conditions had become increasingly difficult. Through the instrumentality of the Passionist Fathers she was received into the Giannini family, where she was treated as one of their own. The sister of the head of the family, a prudent and experienced woman, soon realized what a treasure God had sent to her and surrounded the fatherless and motherless child with the most tender care. Aunt Cecilia as she was lovingly called by all was' a true friend to Gemma. And Gemma was greatly in need of her support, for Jesus was leading her more and more along extraordinary paths. Every Thursday evening the wounds of our Saviour were reproduced in her body. She was frequently rapt in ecstasy even while at work and at meals. The Lord granted her in addition another favor: She not only felt the presence of her guardian angel, but was allowed to see him with her bodily eyes. But the rage of the devil, from whom she snatched numberless souls, also increased.
On Calvary
Towards the end of her days all the ravishing delights of the supernatural life. all the extraordinary manifestations of grace. ceased. A sea of bitterness and interior suffering filled her soul. A mysterious disease tortured her almost beyond endurance. The opinion of the doctors was divided, some holding it to be tuberculosis. but all agreed as to the possible infection and the necessity of isolating the sick girl in order to make sure that the children of the family Giannini should not be exposed to danger. Finally a small apartment was rented nearby, and, weeping. Gemma left the house which had been to her a second home. A letter to her spiritual director, Father Germano, a Passionist, shows the intense grief endured by the poor orphan at this separation. The simple room, now transformed into a chapel, in which she died April 11, 1903, had become for her the summit of Calvary. Her last words were, as she took her crucifix and raised it up before her eyes: "See, 0 Jesus, now indeed I can bear no more. If it be Thy will, take me! . . .' and then turning to a picture of the Blessed Virgin: "My Mother, I recommend my soul to thee; ask Jesus to have mercy on me .... "
Home At Last
It was on Holy Saturday. The air was still vibrant with the joyous peal of the Easter bells ringing out the Resurrection of our Lord. Gemma's life had been one long Good Friday, a hymn of pain and suffering and love. Now she was to participate in the glory of Jesus and to become a song of praise to the goodness of her Creator. Many will learn from her that all pain, sorrow and suffering, when borne patiently, resignedly and cheerfully, will lead us to the eternal glory in heaven, and that these seemingly unbearable trials may even obtain graces for the eternal salvation of others.
With large strokes we have sketched Gemma's picture. But even a closer view of her life would hardly reveal one moment, from her earliest childhood until her dying day, which does not bear the seal of utter immolation and which was not consumed by a burning passion for the conversion of souls.
Gemma and the Will of God
The saints have well known that it is most important merely to surrender to the will of God in all things--through this alone they win to sanctity, avoiding all "detours. "
It is not the ecstasies and special visitations and visions and all the mystical phenomena so dear to the popular mind that prove a person a saint. In fact, we must call special attention to this important fact: that it was precisely because of such preternatural phenomena as the stigmata and ecstasies with which Bl. Gemma was favored that her process of beatification dragged through fifteen years ... ! It was just because of these extraordinary manifestations that Holy Mother Church, ever judicious and cautious, insisted on a prolonged and careful survey of her life and virtues, knowing how easy it is to be led astray by such exterior signs.
The lesson to be learned from the saints is just this: to submit oneself to the will of God in all things. The exterior signs of God's pleasure in His saints may take various forms: the chosen person maybe rapt in visions, may be made the instrument of miraculous cures or conversions, may even bear the mark of the Holy Wounds, as did Blessed Gemma. But without true interior sanctity, all these things can also be the trappings of that deceit in which the Evil One delights especially to deal, misleading good and pious people.
Bl. Gemma preaches this lesson especially for mankind in the 20th century, instructing them, no matter in what walk of life they find themselves, to accede to the will of God, to bow to His desire in all things.
The spirit of self-immolation, of willingness to crucify oneself because it is Jesus who so wills it ... this is the spirit of the saints.
Let us quote one of the Passionist religious to whose spirit BI. Gemma was so faithful:
"And so," writes Father Raymund, C.P., "it was with all the saints. The Passion of Christ was truly in their hearts. It was heard in their words; it was seen in their actions; it was echoed in their life. The Cross and its lessons were the lever by which they moved the world. They lived and suffered for Christ. They are now reigning with Him in glory. In a word, the Passion of Christ is the secret of their sanctity and their power....
If our devotion to the saints is not making us more devoted to Christ and His Sacred Passion, then we have not as yet found the hidden manna of the saints, nor need we pride ourselves on the solidity of our personal sanctity."
Her Spirit of Self-surrender and Self-immolation in Behalf of Sinners
Even before the Saviour's express command to her, this mission constituted the great desire of her soul, and she devoted herself to it with unbelievable fervor. In overflowing generosity she offered herself without reserve to Jesus. In utter selfforgetfulness she asked Him to take every drop of her blood and declared herself willing to suffer every pain in order to satisfy His Sacred Heart and to prevent sinners from offending Him so cruelly. In a vision which she had after Communion, her fervor became still more inflamed. Jesus spoke to her of the ingratitude and wickedness of the world, of the forgetfulness of His gifts and graces among men. Jesus had threatened mankind with severe punishments, unless the sinners be converted, and had sighed over the lot of so many souls who, despising their Redeemer, rushed blindly into eternal perdition. Gemma generously offered herself for the sins of the world. She interceded for them with prayers and tears and sacrifices. With burning zeal and love she wrested, as it were. from God the most difficult conversions. "To forsake a soul" - this thought alone roused a veritable storm of pain and love in her soul. When Jesus refused her pleadings she would turn to her heavenly Mother. She was ready to make the greatest personal sacrifices.
Her first conversion took place while she was seriously ill in her father's house. Among those who served in the house was a woman of evil life. The family would have turned her away, but Gemma interceded for her. An aunt now and then sent money to meet the expenses of her illness, and Gemma regardless of her own needs, gave it to this woman that she might not offend God. Her charity prevailed and the poor soul began a new life.
Her last conversion was a notorious sinner of Lucca. During the whole of Lent she prayed for him. Two days before her death she learned of his conversion.
"To pray for sinners and to help priests and missionaries" Her Mission in Heaven
Gemma continues her mission from the heights of heaven. Her influence on souls is more powerful than ever. She consoles them in suffering and sorrow, relieves them in miseries of every kind and brings them closer to God. Those who live in the shadow of the little church which shelters her tomb know how to relate of the power of her intercession with God; how she re-enkindles the light of faith in the souls; how she converts the greatest sinners. How many priests and religious owe to her the grace of perseverance and a deeper appreciation of their exalted vocation! How many missionaries have found in her the physical and spiritual strength to continue their arduous work to sow the seed when the first planting had been destroyed, or where the seed had never been sown!
Oh Bl. Gemma, heroic, blood-bedewed flower of Lucca, blossomed at the foot of the cross. Teach us, who are close to you, teach the entire world in these troublesome days, but above all, teach those who have left the path of righteousness and wander far from God, to know and to love Jesus and to ask Him, who alone can give it, the strength to lead a good life and consolation in the hour of trial and darkness.
From heaven she now smiles down on the shrine erected over her tomb. True, it is only a small and insignificant church, but it disposes one to devotion. But the foundation is already laid on an adjacent lot for a more worthy church, thanks to the gifts of Gemma's friends from all over the world. If the means are forthcoming, it is hoped that the construction will he well under way by the time of her solemn canonization (1939). The church will be in the form of a Greek cross. Around it will be grouped the convent buildings of the Passionist nuns. Under the dome will be the altar with the reliquary. Gemma will then not only find a resting-place in the midst of the Passionist religious whom she loved so much, but will actually be, with the Eucharistic Saviour, the center and heart of the house.
It is our sincere wish and hope that the readers of this brief Ufe-sketch of the "Maiden of Lucca" will feel urged to receive more detailed information on her life and to make a real study of it. For this purpose we recommend the following books which can be procured from the publishers or from the Mission Press, S.V. D., Techny, Ill.
BL. GEMMA GALGANI - by Father Germanus, C.P. Translated by Rev. A. M. O'Sullivan, O.S.B. Published by Herder Book Co., St. Louis, Mo. 391 pages. $2.75.
BL. GEMMA GALGANI - by Father Amedeo, C.P. Translated by Osmund Thorpe, C.P. Published by Burns Oates Washbourne, London, England. 365 pages. $3.50.
BL. GEMMA GALGANI - by Benedict Williamson. Published by B. Herder Book Co., St. Louis, Mo., 210 pages. $1.25.
Offering and Petition in Honor of Blessed Gemma Galgani
O’ heavenly Father, we offer to Thee the bitter passion and death of Thy only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the merits of the blessed Virgin Mary, of Saint Joseph, of Saint John the Baptist, of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul and of all' the saints in heaven, as also of the holy souls in purgatory and on earth, in thanksgiving for the many graces that Thou didst shower upon Thy servant Gemma while in the flesh and through her intercession dost continue to bestow.
We petition Thee in behalf of these merits, grant us a great intimate love and devotion to the crucified Saviour and to the Blessed Sacrament, by which Bl. Gemma excelled, that we, too, may frequently and worthily approach this heavenly Banquet wherein we partake of Christ and renew the memory of His passion and death. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
Prayer Composed by Blessed Gemma
Behold me, dear Jesus, at Thy most sacred feet, to profess my gratitude for the many and continued favors which Thou hast bestowed upon me and art still willing to grant me. As often as I called upon Thee, 0 Jesus, Thou didst hear me: I have recourse to Thee frequently and Thou dost always console me. How can I ever fully express to Thee my sentiments? I thank Thee! But there is one more favor that I desire, 0 my God, if it be pleasing to Thee (insert your prayer here). If Thou wert not omnipotent I would not dare to make this request. 0 Jesus, have pity on me! May Thy most holy will be accomplished in all things. O’ most divine Lord, humbly prostrate before Thy infinite Majesty we adore Thee and dedicate to Thy glory the devout prayers which we now pour forth to Thee as an act of homage to Blessed Gemma Galgani.
O’ most holy Lord, who didst vouchsafe to enrich this sweet virgin with the rarest gifts whilst she was still on earth, and whom Thou dost now honor with the most marvelous miracles and exceptional favors, mercifully grant us the petition we now implore of Thee through her intercession.
(1)  O’ most pious Virgin, Blessed Gemma, who during the short span of thy life on earth hast set us a most beautiful example of angelic innocence and seraphic love, and hast been found worthy to bear on thy flesh the impress of the marks of the holy Passion, have pity on those who now, through thy merits and intercession, implore from God's mercy the favor of which they now stand in need. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.
(2)  O’ worthy spouse of the Lamb of God, whose delight is in the company of lilies, 0 thou who hast set a shining example to the world by the spotless preservation of thy virginal innocence and by the constant practice of the virtues with which thou wast endowed, vouchsafe from thy place in heaven, where thou art now enjoying the reward of thy most holy life, to look with pity upon those who confide in thee, and obtain for us the favor which through thee we so devoutly implore. Our Father, Hail Mary. Glory be.
(3)  O’ admirable Virgin, BI. Gemma, who during thy earthly life was, through the practice of the most beautiful virtues, a very precious gem in the eyes of God, vouchsafe from heaven to look down on us who appeal to thee for a favor hoping to have it granted through thy powerful intercession. Amen. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.
Pray for us, 0 Blessed Gemma,
That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
Let us pray. Hear us, 0 God our Saviour; and grant that as we are gladdened by the festival of Blessed Gemma, Thy virgin, so we may learn there from loving devotion towards Thee. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Triduum to BI. Gemma for a Sick Person
(The preparatory prayer as in the previous trriduum)
(1)  O’ glorious Bl. Gemma, whom the sweet flame of God's love consumed and who therefore loved thy fellow creatures so much, o thou who through excruciating sufferings and the loss of thy parents didst suffer so much during thy short life, have pity on us who are likewise suffering in this vale of tears, and from that sublime throne of glory to which thy virtues have raised thee, vouchsafe to look upon us and console us by restoring to health the sick person for whom we now implore thy aid. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.
(2)  O’ our loving protectress, Bl. Gemma, whose heart was touched by the miseries of earthly life, 0 thou who didst strive to sooth them by means of thy charity towards the sinner and the wretched, and also by visiting the sick to whom thou wast so generous though thyself but a poor girl, vouchsafe from thy place in heaven to be generous also towards us through thy powerful intercession. Help us in all our spiritual and earthly wants, and especially obtain for us the recovery of the sick person we are praying for so earnestly. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.
(3)  O’ admirable Bl. Gemma, who worked so many miracles, from heaven, where thou art enjoying the fruits of thy penitent and holy life, have mercy on poor mankind. Shower the best favors and graces on it, dry our tears and comfort us, too, especially by granting health to the dear sick person for whom we are praying. If we are unworthy and deserve no favor, let thy merits and powerful intercession plead for us poor creatures at God's throne. Amen. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.
Y. Pray for us, O’ Bl, Gemma,
That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
Let us pray. Hear us, 0 God our Saviour; and grant that as we are gladdened by the festival of Bl. Gemma, Thy virgin, so we may learn there from loving devotion towards Thee. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Triduum to BI. Gemma for a Favor Granted
(1) We thank thee heartily, O’ Blessed Gemma, for having remembered us in our want ....Overwhelmed with sorrows and misfortunes, we have had recourse to thee and thou hast hastened to come to our help. Be blessed, O’ our loving protectress, for the favor thou hast granted to us; we also ask of thee that the favors thou hast bestowed upon us may henceforth prompt us to serve God faithfully, by conscientiously following His commandments. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.
(2) How generous thou art, O’ Blessed Gemma, towards those who have had recourse to thy patronage! Thy wonders are spread almost over all the world, and thy name is called upon everywhere and blessed by numberless souls who have experienced the good effects of thy protection. We join our poor voice to these unanimous praises and thank thee because, by looking down upon our prayers, thou hast opened the treasures of heaven in our behalf. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.
(3) How powerful has God made thee, O’ loving protectress, Bl. Gemma, that thou art allowed to do good to poor suffering mankind! How many favors hast thou obtained! Every day we are granted them by only imploring thy name! May God always be blessed for having given thee such power and making thee worthy to work the greatest miracles! Meanwhile to show thee our gratitude we resolve to imitate thy virtues so as to be able to join thee one day in Paradise and enjoy together the blessings of eternity. Amen. Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.
Pray for us; O’ Bl. Gemma,
That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let: us pray. Hear us, O’ God our Saviour; and grant that as we are gladdened by the festival of Blessed Gemma, Thy virgin, so we may learn from her loving devotion towards Thee. Through Christ our Lord. Amen


Philip John Walibba said...

Oh! Saint Gemma! True lover of God! Always intercede for me a poor sinner!

Unknown said...

Poor Little Gemma pray for me. Praised Be Jesus and Mary!!