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-"The Life of Saint Gemma Galgani" by her spiritual director, Venerable Father Germanus CP.
This book can be read in its entirety here on this website:
Also, it can be purchased from or a variety of other online booksellers.

-"Portrait of St Gemma A Stigmatic" by Sister Saint Michael, 1950. ****Highly Recommended! This book has been republished and is availbile here. Click here for some additional info about this excellent book.

-"Blessed Gemma Galgani, (1878-1903)" by Father Amedeo, translated from Italian by Father Osmund Thorpe, Burns, Oates and Washbourne, 1935. -This book contains alot of details about Gemma not published elsewhere. Availible for free on this website in its entirity here.

-"Autobiography of St Gemma Galgani" written by St Gemma under obedience to her spiritual director.-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -
I offer this book here on this website:

-"Gemma Galgani A child of the Passion" by Philip Coghlan, 1914 ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

-"St Gemma Galgani" by S. J. Rt. Rev. Leo Proserpio -EXCELLENT

-"The Cross In My Heart -The Life of St Gemma Galgani" 1990 by Sister Maria Grace CP

-"A Lover of the Cross St Gemma Galgani" 1940 by Monastero-Santuario di Santa Gemma Galgani, Fuori Porta Elisa, 55100, Lucca, Italy

-"The Voices of St Gemma Galgani: The Life and Afterlife of a Modern Saint" by Rudolph M. Bell and Cristina Mazzoni. Availible online through or other book dealers.

-"Saint Gemma Galgani" (not dated) by Monastero-Santuario di Santa Gemma Galgani, Fuori Porta Elisa, 55100, Lucca, Italy ***This one has lots of Photographs

-"Saint Gemma Galgani The Passion Flower of Lucca" by Bruno Hagspiel SVD 1939-1940

-"Saint Gemma Passion Flower" 1952, 1961 Monsignor Giuseppi Bardi

-"Devotion to St Gemma Galgani" 1986, Monsignor Giuseppi Bardi

-"Crucified with Christ" 1949, Herbert George Kramer S.M. Chapter 4- "Calling to Golgotha -Saint Gemma Galgani"

-"The Holy Hour as Practised By Saint Gemma Galgani" by Passionist Nuns Monastery, Erlanger, Kentucky. Translated by Silvio DeLuca CP -undated.
Obtainable for a $2.75 donation to Passionist Press here:

-"The Gem of Christ- The Story of St Gemma of Lucca" by Father Francis C.P. (Passionist), Published in 1949 by the Catholic Book Publishing Co.

-"Blessed Gemma Galgani" by Benedict Williamson, 1933, Alexander Ouseley Ltd., 2nd edition--Note 1st Edition was published under the title "Gemma of Lucca", Benedict Williamson, 1932

-“Gemma Galgani" Gem of Christ, by John-Paul Kirkham (Catholic Truth Society, 2011, 64 pgs.), offered here on this website for for U.S. $4.00 plus $2.50 shipping ($6.50 total). Click here for more info on ordering.

-"Gemma Galgani -Some Glimpses into the Life of a Little Victim of Divine Love" by Rev John P. Clarke, 1932, Benzinger Brothers.

There are a few others in English, but I do not have them presently.

By far the BEST and most informative book is the 1040 page "hagigography" on Saint Gemma written by Reverend Father P. Enrico Zoffoli C.P. called "La Povera Gemma" -Saggi Critici Storico, Teologici Edizioni "Il Crociffisso" Scali Santa Roma 2nd edition, 1957.
Unfortunately this book is currently only availible in Italian.

Note, out of print books can usually be obtained online through ABE Books or other online used book dealers.

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Roy S.Tenn said...

Thanks very much for your reminder Glen and for reviving my comments.

La Povera Gemma is the book I am most interested in which if my memory holds true to form gives the most detailed suffering of the Virgin Mary at the Passion of Her Son on Calvary in fulfillment of biblical prophesy contained in Genesis 3:15 and by holy Simeon at the presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem.

Thanks again and may Mother Mary and Her Son continue to bless your work on behalf of St. Gemma Galgani.