Answered prayers

A friend in St Gemma gave me the idea to add a "Answered prayers" section, so please feel free to add any here by clicking on "Post a comment".
St Gemma Galgani, pray for us!


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Love this great website...just wanted to mention a couple of things, just read what you wrote about not believing in coincidences. Some people call them God-incidences.
One time in the 90's I prayed to St. Gemma asking her for a sign, asking her for a 'gem' fake or real', to be given one, find one or see one...and know it was from her...I asked for that because of her name Gemma.
I had gone to daily Mass alot and there was a devout family with a boy about 8 or so. They were coming through the door of the Church for Mass when the boy said my name and then kept pointing to me to 'gems' on a stain glass window!
Another time, there was a Saintly Priest who had gifts, he since died, Fr. Harold Martin, S.J.
I had gone to see him and about 2 weeks after I asked St. Gemma something in prayer, he answered it on Pentecost! I love answered prayer stories, so thought I would mention these since you love St. Gemma so much.
St. Gemma is wonderful!
God's Blessings.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Mine is not very extraordinary, but it was special to me. Over a period of time, I had read some of the life of St Gemma, and also some of her writings, and I was touched by her words and the love of her heart all on fire with the love of God. Eventually I had the desire to obtain a relic of her, but I was not sure how to go about getting one, so I wrote to several Passionist organizations and individuals that I found on the Internet. One kind Passionist Priest, Father Paul Fagan C.P., kindly wrote back to me saying that he in fact had two relics of St Gemma, and that he would be happy to give them to me.
One day, my family and I were saying the Rosary when the mail arrived. We finished and one of the kids brought in the mail, one letter containing St Gemma’s relics. I immediately smiled and I thanked God and St Gemma because the day was March 12---St Gemma’s Birthday. It seems that St Gemma wanted to give me a present on her birthday. I have worn one of the relics on a necklace ever since.
-Glenn Dallaire

Glenn Dallaire said...

I recieved this testimonial letter in the mail on Jan 14, 2009. I will quote the letter verbatum.
-Glenn Dallaire
"Thank you for promoting St Gemma. I had gone on a pilgrimage to St Louis, Missouri approximently 8 years ago, and was attending Mass at the St Joseph Shrine (which I recommend all to visit). After Mass, they were having a rummage sale in the basement and I was so excited because there were hundreds of holy cards. I bought one of St Gemma [with a relic on it], knowing nothing about her until a desperate prayer was needed months later.

My nephew had left town (he was only 18 years old) to meet with complete strangers in Ohio, who he met online and was gone (by thatr time) for a week. No one knew where he was.
So, I grabbed my holy card with the relic of St Gemma and prayed.
Within 30 minutes he called his parents. "whew"!
Please send me some holy cards so I can evangelise.

P.S. After my prayer was answered, I tracked the book down on St Gemma and read it. ["The Life of Saint Gemma Galgani" by Venerable Father Germanus CP -Glenn]
I love St Gemma.

Melinda N.
Tulsa, OK.

Glenn Dallaire said...

I recieved this email on Jan 17, 2009. The author agreed to its publication here. -Glenn
Dear Glenn,

I do not know how to thank you for giving us a St. Gemma Galgani website. I've been devouring everything I can read about her.

It is perfectly strange and providential that St. Gemma resurfaced in my life at this time. I remember reading a few pages of her autobiography during Eucharistic Adoration, because the book was right there. I instantly felt very drawn to her. That was many years ago.

Through your website, I started praying to St. Gemma and began a novena on Monday 1/12/09. I told her I wanted to fix my attention on Jesus and attend to Mother Mary's request to "Pray, pray, pray until praying becomes my only joy". I entrusted all my human needs to her (finding work, paying bills, etc.), assuring her of my obedience in doing whatever I needed to do. In other words, I gave her all the thinking and planning part. The next day, Tuesday 1/13, after mass, adoration and prayers, I filled out an application with a temporary agency. On Wednesday 1/14, the agency asked if I'd be available to work the next day!

St. Gemma responds so quickly! The speed of events are very clear, simple and obvious. A friend was laid off yesterday. Immediately, I emailed the "Prayer to St. Gemma Galgani asking her intercession" and she immediately reacted with the same aroma most of us sense. There is definitely a pattern of 'swiftness without delay' with our instantly known, very responsive, loving and precious Saint!

God bless you for blessing all of us!


Glenn Dallaire said...

While many people were doing a 9 day Novena to St Gemma in honor of her feastday, May 16th, I was receiving a series of email leading up to her feastday, that culminated in a beautiful grace on that day.

Here are the emails and the explanation of the remarkable grace.

An Extraordinary grace on St Gemma's Feastday

Glenn Dallaire

Bill said...

Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 22:55:29 -0400
Subject: [St Gemma Galgani] New comment on Dates and events in the life of St Gemma Galgani.

Today on the Feast of the Sacred Heart I consecrated myself at age 61 to St Gemma and reconsecrated my wonderful wife Sheree and I to the Sacred Heart after reading this wonderful website.
Though I am a True Catholic Psychologist I went thru years of deprograming from all that I
was taught, partly as a result of prayer to St Gemma and the books on
Yours in Christ

Bill Henzey

RoseDeLima said...

Message from RoseDeLima from Philippines on Dec 20, 2009:
Hello.I found this website through divine intervention. I cannot remember how I found it, I think I was watching EWTN during the time I was ill around November and was worried about many things. I had gallstones, left ovarian cyst and I had a wound on my left thumb which I had cauterized. During this time when my thumb was healing and the doctors said I should not get it wet, we experienced a great flooding in Manila Philippines. The water inside our house was 7ft. high and outside was like 10ft. some of our pets died but our families were okay. My thumb was soaked in water and got infected again. I had flu as well during that time. I discovered this website and read about St. Gemma. I wrote one of the prayers here and fervently asked for her intercession. I was supposed to visit the doctor again to have my thumb examined or if I need another surgery again since it got infected, to my awe, a week after I have been praying to St. Gemma, I noticed one morning the wound was completely healed. Gone! Only a scar is left as a trace. Also, the results for my abdominal ultrasound for the gallstones and cysts were okay, meaning I didn't have to really undergo surgery and all was normal. St. Gemma along with other saints(St.Padre Pio, St. Faustina, St. Rose of Lima) whom I pray to, all performed a miracle in my life and I am blessed and grateful. My name is Rosedelima, I was named after St. Rose of Lima. Thank you for this website, thank you for sharing this because now I am sharing it to family and friends as well. God bless.

December 20, 2009 1:58 AM

Anonymous said...

My name is Bobby Bittles and in May 2008 I started to become very unwell. Later the August I was diagnosed with Sinus Cancer, the cancer then spread to my liver in the September 2008. From that moment I was told this awful news I decided to change my life and prayer very strongly everyday of my life. A friend introduced me to the prayers of St Gemma, whom I believe has helped me through my battle with the decease. I have now been given the all clear. I will always continue to prayer to St Gemma, and when I hear of people who have cancer I pass on all the prayers and novenas I have of her and encourage them to believe in her prayers, like I do.

doggy1 said...

Dear Mr Dallaire, i just wanted to give you a email to thank you for your wonderful website devoted to st gemma which i visit almost everyday it gives me great spiritual comfort when i read about her life, she is such an amazing person and a great inspiration to me, so much so that i think of her as my spiritual sister and my Friend that i can call upon also i wanted to share my experience with st gemma with you, around two years ago i was going though a hard time with a drugs and alcohol problem and was generally living a bad lifestyle, when i was searching on ebay and found a first class relic (ex Capulus) of st gemma for sale which i thought may or not be the genuine article but i decided to bid for it as i had vaguely heard of st gemma and wanted to learn more and felt it would be good for me to focus on her life so i bid for it, in fact i bid $1000 although i did not have that kind of money i only had 250 dollars! anyway not thinking that i would win i forgot about it until a few days later i checked my email only to find out i had won! not only that but the amount i paid was 249 dollars one dollar less than my 250 dollars! even though the bidding could have gotten to $1000. i received the the relic about a week later and i was still wondering if it was genuine as it had no certificate of authenticity, when i happend to glance at the date it was the 16 may the passionist feast of st gemma! i nearly passed out! i think it was a sign but i am still not sure anyway thank you again for your fantastic website my kindest rgds henry

Anonymous said...

Though my prayer has not yet been answered, I have faith it will be. I did ask St. Gemma to show me a sign and feel, today, I was given one.

St. Gemma, you are wonderful! I love you.

Please do intercede for me.


Glenn Dallaire said...

to:Glenn Dallaire

dateMon, Aug 2, 2010 at 2:50 AM
subjectRe: St. Gemma


Thanks so much for the prayer cards. They were at my parents house on our arrival and I had them with us during our journey...

When I returned home, I lent the St. Gemma prayer cards, including the one with the relic, to my friend on the retreat team that I told you was having back problems. He is slightly older, maybe in his early 60's, and was still having considerable back pain so I lent him the cards for a week. On the following Tuesday, on my arrival to our meeting room, my friend about raced across the room to me with the cards in his hand saying "The pain in my back is gone". He said "It didn't just lessen slowly, it went away completely and immediately". All I could do is say "Thank you Lord and thank you St. Gemma".
Lastly, I say thank you Glenn.

Keep up the great work you do. And, of course, May God Bless You....
Jeff [Last name witheld]
Texas, USA

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that, thanks to your research and informative site, my daughter has decided to take Gemma as her Confirmation name when she is confirmed this spring. Last year, my daughter had to undergo serious spinal surgery to correct scoliosis. Throughout her surgery and difficult recovery, she exhibited more courage and resolve than I ever thought possible for a 14 year old. She wanted her confirmation name to reflect this experience that has affected her so deeply. In researching the patron saint of back issues, we discovered your St. Gemma and your informative site. In reading all that you have provided, we know that Gemma is the right name for Confirmation. Thank you!

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for your comments and especially for sharing a bit of your daughters story!

I am really glad to hear that all went well with her scoliosis sugery, and also I am glad to hear that she is choosing St Gemma as her patron Saint--given all Gemma suffered with her back problems, your daughter has really chosen a "soul mate" given all that both Gemma and herself have suffered in that regards.

I pray that St Gemma may always be close to your family, and may she lead you ever closer to Jesus, her beloved Spouse.
-St Gemma, pray for us!
Glenn Dallaire

Atty.Consuelo S.Perez,Pangasinan,PHILIPPINES said...

Hello Glenn,
i saw online the steel brace of St.Gemma and to relieve my spine pain which was Iike a nail digging into my mid-spine i prayed to Jesus and uttered St.Gemma's words to Jesus last 2009 from 12 midnight to three am.

Since the morning after to date, the pain has completely abated. Praise and Glory to God forever!
Atty.Consuelo S.Perez,Pangasinan,PHILIPPINES.

Thank you Glenn for St.Gemma's holy cards I shared with others and wall-pic'd on my mobile.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
This is maybe not how things usually work with saints, but this is what happened to me. I was recently divorced. I have four children and there father is unwilling to help out financially. I have been doing my best to provide for my kids with the help of family. This has put a burden on them also. I had taken out a loan to get a place to live, and get started in our new place. A few weeks ago I had my last payment due on the loan. It was $543.10 that I owed. I had no idea how I was going to pay this. I had been on St.Gemma's web page a few times and started praying to her, I know she intervened for me that day, the day my loan was due I got a refund check in the mail that was from my 2006 taxes, that were filed late. The amount of the check was $543.12. I had the money I needed plus .02 cents. I know St. Gemma did this for me. There is no other answer. Thank you St. Gemma

Song from the Philippines said...

Dear Mr. Dallaire,

I wish to inform you that I had the most extraordinary encounter with St. Gemma Galgani.

You see, I came across her website years back, and since then I have become intrigued by her. I emailed you asking for her prayer card, which you promptly did send me. I was further gladdened me that she and my 7 year old son shared the same birthday (March 12), and so I always entrusted my son under her care and protection. My son knew her from the picture you sent me, which is displayed in our room.

2 weeks ago, my son was confined to the hospital for dengue-like symptoms. His blood count was declining and his fever went on and off. Then his fever got so bad that we was having chills. As I prayed my rosary, I also said a simple prayer to St. Gemma, asking her to intercede for us in helping my son fight off the bug that hit him. This was a Saturday evening.

The following day, I was expecting my husband to disallow me from hearing mass, since we categorize this an emergency and my son needs me to stay by his side for errands. Surprisingly, my husband encouraged me to attend mass at the hospital chapel.

As I was listening to the sermon, I probably dozed off a few minutes. In my dreams I saw St. Gemma in her black garb together with American seer Veronica Leuken! She was talking to me in Italian which I could not understand. She ended her sentence by saying “Passionata! Passionata!”. Veronica must have sensed I did not understand St. Gemma and so she called me by my name and assured me that my will be alright. That’s when St. Gemma smiled and said in English with a strong Italian accent that “he will be alright”. True enough, my son was well by the time the mass ended. The fever was gone, his blood count improved. The pediatrician could not believe it!

My son had all the manifest symptoms of dengue, but it was negative. All the other tests were also negative. The diagnosis was that he only had sinusitis with allergic rhinitis.

I owe a great gratitude to St. Gemma.

Song from the Phillippines

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

I had a slippage of my lumbar vertebra (it broke off from the spine) 5 years ago. I was in extreme pain, and with four children and taking care of my father, it was so difficult psychologically, let alone physically. It took me 2 years to feel somewhat normal again, but always in pain.

This last Dec 26, the other side slipped and cracked from the spine. I was in so much pain, but said a prayer to St. Gemma. Instead of 2 years of recovery, I was fine within a week. I was so happy I was able to care for my family and my Dad. I had no surgery for either instance (I am scared!), but she helped me to regain my strength and mind. I am so grateful to her, and love her.

May God bless you for your website.


Kimberly H. said...


I received your package on Friday, and you can add my testimony to the others on the site--the holy cards and medal are of excellent quality! I was also very touched by the locket you included. I must tell you that for several years now I have had problems with my shoulders, elbows, and wrists due to repetitive stress injury, and since receiving your package I have not had any pain from this, something that had made a number of tasks difficult before.

Many blessings upon you, your family, and your ministry,

Kimberly H.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank our Heavenly Father in heaven, our lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit
For so many answered prayers
I m depleted grateful to st. Jude Thaddeus, our holy mother, Aparecida, Impossiveis, Fatima and , Dores, st. Rita de cassia, st. Expedite urgent causes, st.Edwiges all angels and saints for interceding on my behalf to the sacred heart of Jesus
My mother went to the doctor and is not doing her surgery
My daughter passed all her exams with flying colors
May we praise our Heavenly Father
May god bless us all

Anonymous said...

The only miracle i received perhaps is when i discover this website or i must say when st. Gemma brought me to this website which help me a lot in increasing and deepen my faith.

M said...

I hope St Gemma likes me. I think St. Therese of Lisieux does.