Photos of St Gemma's personal items

Photographs of some of Saint Gemma's personal belongings

(Special thanks to Holymusic55)

Embroidered quilt that Gemma made while in school

Two Angel holy cards that Gemma owned

Alleged photo of Gemma after recieving her first Communion (Note: I haven't been able to confirm the authenticity of this particular photo)

The picture of Jesus & Mary that Gemma looked at the moment before she died. Looking at the Blessed Virgin she said "My Mamma, I commend my soul to you. Tell Jesus to be merciful to me." She died a few moments later.

St Gemma's writing box where she kept her notes and letters

St Gemma's black straw hat that she wore whenever she went outside

St Gemma's Autobiography that the devil stole and tried to burn

Miraculous little manger shrine where Gemma would place her letters to Father Germanus and her guardian Angel would then take the letters and deliver them.

Miraculous Crucifix in the Giannini home that came alive and embraced Gemma

Black wool dress and mantle that Gemma wore everyday throughout the year

Water well that Gemma jumped into in the back yard of the Giannini house when she was tempted by the Devil

Giannini family house where Gemma spent the last few years of her holy life.

Urn-Tomb that contains the holy remains of St Gemma beneath the main altar at the Monastery-Sanctuary of St Gemma in Lucca, Italy.

Venerable Father Germano Ruoppolo -St Gemma's Spiritual Director.

Monsignor Giovanni Volpi -St Gemma's confessor since childhood


-St Gemma, pray for us!
"Oh Jesus, to what a state You are reduced! Oh, Jesus has become a plaything for all! They blaspheme Thee, my Jesus, they treat Thee roughly, they curse Thee....Oh Jesus, I am surprised that although I see Thee in the midst of these humiliations, I do not wish to hear them spoken of. If I were able, Jesus, with my blood I should wish...I should wish to wash with my blood all those places where I see Thee outraged!...No more blows on Thee, 0 Jesus. You have not deserved them; I deserve them yes; but You, no! It is I who am the sinner, You art innocent." -St Gemma Galgani


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I was wondering if you know of a picture of just Saint Gemma’s dress without the cape. Did the dress have buttons at the front or no?