The Monastery-Sanctuary of Saint Gemma in Lucca has a new website!

UPDATE October 20, 2018: At the moment it appears that the domain name has expired and the site is no longer available. Hopefully this will get resolved soon. In the meantime, here is the web address for those interested:

For those interested, the Monastery-Sanctuary of Saint Gemma in Lucca, Italy has a new website with some wonderful photos concerning Saint Gemma, along with a bunch of information about her holy life and the history of the founding of the Monastery itself. Those familiar with the life of Saint Gemma know how much she suffered and worked for the foundation of this monastery in Lucca, though it took her holy death to move the proposed project into motion. It could not have been otherwise however because such was God's will, for the new Passionist monastery there in Lucca was destined to bear her name.

Unfortunately however for English readers the website is currently only in Italian, nevertheless the pictures are excellent and one can certainly use the "Google Translate" tool to read the text if one so wishes.

And for those interested, here is an old postcard photo of what St Gemma Monastery/Sanctuary in Lucca looked like when it was first built:

Old postcard of St Gemma Galgani Sanctuary monastery in Lucca Italy

"So Jesus, do not leave these poor sinners to themselves. I am willing to do something. You died on the cross; make me die too. Since these sinners are your sons and daughters, do not abandon them. Jesus, I want them all to be saved. If you desert them, there is no hope. Must not I be the one to suffer for them? Then arrange it so. You have so many sinners, but so few victims." -St Gemma


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