A recent cure through the intercession of St Gemma

A long time friend named Angelo shared the following story of the recent heavenly intercession of St Gemma on behalf of his sister, and he kindly agreed to allow it to be published here. I would like to thank Angelo for sharing this story with us. Here is his email:

A personal family St Gemma miracle

So some of you will remember my second sister that suffered a very aggressive form of Leukemia and almost died.

A quick recap:

This happened several years ago. My wife and I went to visit her on a Saturday in the hospital.

She was in intensive care and on deaths door. I had brought a second class relic card of Saint Gemma Galgani and blessed her with it and her daughter pinned it on the bulletin board in her room where she could see it.

The day after my brother called us and told us that the doctor told him to take her home as there was no hope and she would be dead in 3 or 4 days. We went back Monday and during the visit her doctor was checking her out and told us her organ functions were starting to come back! She did end up staying in the hospital many more months after this.

Long story short, she is home now and is cured.

Last night she called and told us she had just remembered that while she was in the hospital a nurse came in to give her a blood test. She asked the nurse what her name was and the nurse said Gemma. My sister told her she was scared so please do a good job drawing the blood.

The nurse told her she would get another nurse to draw her blood. As she left she turned around and told my sister not to worry. She was going to be all right.

Another nurse came in and drew her blood. My sister asked her who the nurse by the name of Gemma was and the nurse told her she knew of no nurses by that name!

Wow!!!! Miracles do happen to give us hope. Let's pray more people become aware of the intercessory power of the Saints and Mary and the healing power of Jesus.

Yours in the Passion of Christ.

Viva Gesu
Viva Gemma


Julie E.T. said...

Wow, God bless Gemma! What beautiful blessings and healing she showered on your sister. Truely your family experienced one of God's beautiful miracles through St. Gemma's love of Jesus Christ. Oh to be a saint and a saint so willing to suffer in repperation for our sins for her love of our beautiful Jesus!

Denise Stewart said...

Oh, how wonderful to hear of the miraculous healing by the intersession of Dear Saint Gemma. I have been praying to her for my teenage Granddaughter, who suffers from Scoliosis and the painful deformity that it causes... twisted ribs, bunching shoulder and barely able to breathe due to her lung being squeezed by her bones. She has had one Spinal Fusion Surgery at age 13, and now needs another, placing metal and screws up most of her spine. I am praying for a Miracle from Saint Gemma, as she knows the suffering of spinal disorders. I BELIEVE that She will help us!!! Oh, what a Precious Soul, Saint Gemma. I am SO happy that I found Her to pray to... I feel that it's an honor to have her near. I will remain devoted to her forever. Thank you for all of the wonderful information that you publish about Her. I am on day 3 of the Novena to her. Our Dearest Jesus chose Saint Velma for good reason. So selfless is she. May our Dearest Lord Bless us all, and thank you again. Denise.

Anonymous said...

I will be in Lucca Italy this September and will pray for your granddaughter and light a candle for her at the shrine.

Angelo said...

This is Angelo, i left the prior message. Somehow it got tagged as anonymous.


Unknown said...

Please pray for anyone in acute pain tonight ­čÖĆann X

Danielle said...

I’ve been praying to St Gemma ever since I found out my son needed spinal fusion surgery for his scoliosis two years ago. He was diagnosed with scoliosis at 17 months old, had operation at 13. I am struggling so much with regrets because I took him to a nutritionist that gave him a supplement that was supposed to help with his growth and I think it harmed him instead of helping him. He is almost 15 and hasn’t grown since he was 12. He is only 5 feet tall and his bone age is 16 so he can’t receive hormone therapy. I feel I should have just left it to Gods will and he would of got him through. St Gemma please watch over my son Robert. Amen

Unknown said...

Please do not add self-reproach to what you already suffer on behalf of your son. You did what you thought was right at the time. The Lord is the Lord♥️

Anonymous said...

I will pray for your granddaughter. She is in our Holy Mother's and St. Gemma's care. ❤️��

Unknown said...

Please pray for healing for my mom's scoliosis and for Mary to finally provide a priest to facilitate my spiritual deliverance after so many years and that it be permanent. Please also pray for my brother and his family who are subject to great evil through a narcissist.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for me i have shoulder surgery on Monday morning 7am at Queen marry hospital in Sidcup