April 11 Feast day of St Gemma Galgani

Holy death of Saint Gemma Galgani, April 11th, 1902

"We have cared for a great many sick people, but we have never seen anything like this" -Comment from one of the Nursing Sisters assigned to Gemma from the order of St. Camillus de Lellis .

Today (April 11th) is the feast day of St Gemma--on this day (Holy Saturday, 1902) Gemma departed for heaven to be with her Jesus and His blessed Mother. St Gemma, pray for us!

"I have been present at many death beds, but never have I seen anyone die like Gemma, without any precursor sign...not even a panting breath. She died with a smile which remained on her lips, so that I could not convince myself that she was dead."-Rev Abbot Angeli, parish priest.

This blessed death happened at approximently 1:30pm, on Holy Saturday, April 11th, 1903. Gemma had once said to her Aunt "I have asked Jesus to let me die on a great Solemnity. What a wonderful thing to die on a great Feast!" 

Yes, what a wonderful thing it is to die on Holy Saturday, the Solemnity of Our Lord's Ressurection (Vigil of Easter), after having kept Good Friday on the Cross with Him, sharing in all His agony!"

For more info, see the holy death of St Gemma Galgani

"Fire! Fire in my heart! This morning it is burning...... Dear Jesus, I love you so much! I shall endeavor always to love You; I shall live to love You; I shall die to love You!" ....Give me wings oh Jesus, so I can fly to Your throne! St Gemma Galgani -June, 1902


Andyleeson said...

What a beautiful and Glorious Saint.Praise be to you Glenn for such a wonderful and devoted website in her honour.I said the 9 day novena to prepare for her feast this morn and offered up my communion in her memory.'The Gem of Christ,'The Passion Flower of Lucca' pray for us.

Unknown said...

Sancta Gemma, pray for us!

Unknown said...

My dear sister in Christ and Name Saint, pray for us all on your Feast Day. This morning I will offer the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary in your memory. Pray for us all, dear, sweet Sister Gemma++

Gary said...

St. Gemma, please intercede for us that we might receive the grace to love Jesus as much as you. We celebrate your pure heart today.

Gary Lewis said...

St. Gemma pray for us. I seek your intercessions each and every day for the souls in purgatory and the salvation of sinners. I hope you are celebrating this feast day in heaven with Jesus

Unknown said...

Amen! I love you, my forever sister+ Continue to pray for all who love you, and our Jesus Christ+