How the St Gemma Galgani relic lockets are made

Some examples of St Gemma Galgani relic holy prayer cards

How the St Gemma Galgani relic lockets and relic locket rosaries are made

The "ex capsa" fragment of wood from Gemma's original coffin relic that is inside the St Gemma Galgani relic locket rosaries, and also inside the relic lockets, comes from St Gemma relic holy cards that have the official seal of the Passionists. Thus the fragment of wood relic inside the lockets is an authentic 3rd class relic, issued by and stamped with the seal of the Passionists. As one can see in the example photos above and below both the official Passionist seal and the relic are originally affixed together to the holy card.
The rosaries are made of beautiful 7mm glass beads and each bead is "lock linked" into place with washers on both sides of the bead, and the rings that join the crucifix and the locket center to the rosary are triple looped, making these rosaries very sturdy.

As for the relic lockets, they are all 20mm (approx 3/4 of an inch) and are of very solid construction. They are not waterproof however, therefore if wearing them I recommend taking them off when bathing.

The relic locket rosaries and relic lockets are individually hand made and are not mass produced in a factory. Thus each one is unique and special.

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Closeup of the back of a St Gemma relic prayer card with Seal of the Passionists

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