Correspondence between St. Gemma Galgani and her confessor, Monsignor Giovanni Volpi

Original photo -Circa 1901
[The webmaster would like to sincerely thank Chev. John DeMicoli for translating this document. May Jesus reward him for his efforts. ]

St. Gemma to Mons. Volpi: April-May 1899 [1]
Gemma speaks, by Jesus' command, about her dream she had had concerning the Salesians and their convent. The sufferings offered by Gemma in reparation for the blemishes.

April-May 1899

Last Wednesday I had a bad dream. I went to Holy confession on Friday but was unable to tell him [the priest -editor]; yesterday Jesus shouted at me. He told me that I had to go and tell him immediately today. I had seemed to be in the Salesian Church: I was praying; I saw a nun coming out from the sacristy (I had never seen her before in our convent). He [Gemma's guardian Angel] came to take me by the hand and led me to the church gate. He then told me to look. When I did, I saw the Mother Superior weeping and all the other nuns distressed. I asked him what happened to the Mother Superior who was crying, and he replied she was very upset by her Community and added: "She will suffer even more, if she does not do as Jesus wants."

He did not tell me anything about the others. He took my hand again and led me to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament.  He uttered a prayer and some Paters and made me repeat everything to him. Finally, he told me that all the Holy Communions I will receive this week I had to offer to mend that ugly scandal which happened in this convent, so dear to Him, adding I had to pray so much for what Jesus is bearing. Woe to them and the persons in charge of them, if they persevere in refusing to do what He wants them to do and if they deny to hear His voice; it would not take long and they will regret it. Then there will be no more time left, and Jesus will never leave that peace which once reigned between them. Disagreement between them shall grow each day. Sooner or later they will be forced to separate.

Finally, he told me to tell everything to my confessor and to repeatedly tell him that it’s never too late, even if the consequence is already set, but if they still persist to resist Him, woe to them.
I asked what is it that should be done; he told me that when I have said everything, they would immediately understand what they must do. He took me by the hand and led me back to the gate and left me there.

Next Thursday, in the holy hour he asked me whether the suffering I had been through that night I would willingly offer as a sacrifice for the evil some nuns committed. I told him yes so happily ... I will tell them all the rest myself. I would be pleased if you are able to come to me for confession today. I have so many things to tell you. If you are not available I will certainly look forward to meet you this Friday.


[1] Without header and is dated in pencil, April-May 1899.
(End of letter)
"This evening at last, after six days of suffering through Jesus withdrawing Himself from me, I am somewhat recollected. I began to pray as I am accustomed to do every Thursday. I began to think of the Crucifixion of Jesus. At first I did not feel anything, but after a few moments I became a little recollected, Jesus was near. To the recollection there succeeded what usually happens. My head took off and I found myself with Jesus Who was suffering excruciating pains. What was I to do, seeing Jesus suffer without being able to help Him? I felt then a great desire to suffer and I asked Jesus to grant me this grace. He granted my wish immediately and did what He had done on other occasions."  -St Gemma


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