Letters of Saint Gemma Galgani to her priest-confessor

Monsignor Giovanni Volpi
Letters of St Gemma Galgani to her confessor, Monsignor Giovanni Volpi

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Letter # 33.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: FEBRUARY 1900 (3)
At the feet of Jesus Crucified she begins to feel deep within her heart a great desire to suffer with Jesus, Who grants her a strong headache.  Not being able to tolerate it anymore, Jesus comes to give her strength, telling her that by her suffering she withstands the punishment prepared by the Heavenly Father for so many sins.
       (February 1900.- Cf. P. GERM. n . VI).
Yesterday evening I went to make a visit to the crucified Lord; there came to me a great desire to suffer, and so with all my heart I asked Jesus.  And from that evening Jesus has made me to have a headache, but very strong, and almost always I bleed; [from the crown of thorns head wounds -editor] but I am almost dismayed, because I fear not being able to resist.  Tonight I suffered all night; I begged Jesus that I wanted a bit of peace: and He gave it to me.  I do not know if in these moments Mrs. Cecilia saw, because it’s been since yesterday evening that I’ve been with her.
If you think it is good, I would like to ask Jesus to calm my head a little.  Should I ask Him?
Tonight I told Jesus that I could not bear it anymore, and Jesus responded to me: “My daughter, I as well cannot go on with these evil treatments which they do to Me: this is truly a time of horrible sins, that I cannot resist any longer.  You by your suffering withhold the punishment which My Father has prepared for so many poor sinners.  And do you no longer do so voluntarily?”  I responded yes, but I am afraid I would not be able to bear it.  Jesus told me: “Do not fear, I will cause you to suffer, but I will also give you strength.”  Now I feel content and also stronger.  
I beg You to send me Your Blessing and pray to Jesus for the poor
Letter # 34.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: MARCH 1900 (1)
Strongly tempted by the desire, she invokes Gabriel to immediately run to her help and he gives her holy warnings.  In a new diabolic assault she reports a new victory.  Jesus is pleased with her, and at Holy Communion He makes her feel the beating of His Divine Heart.  Gabriel obtains for her the grace that during the day she would be free from the devil, he instills in her the devotion to the Sorrows of Mary.
                                                                                               (March 1900. – Cf. P. GERM. n. XI)
Yesterday evening, when I left the confessional, I became so bad: the devil began to tell me horrible things about you [Monsignor Volpi], blasphemies, dirty things; he told me he would tear me to pieces, if I did not consent to what he told me.  He put so much fear in me, that I almost fell horrified, and for what he told me along the street; and I finally said angrily that I wanted to die, because I was tired of passing these horrible nights.  I had so much worse in mind; that he almost…
When I arrived at home, I went almost immediately to my room; I was so afraid, but before entering, I called upon Brother Gabriel [St Gabriel Possenti C.P. -editor].  He came at once, but he shouted at me so much because firstly I am not content even after temptation: instead of coming out of temptations stronger, instead I come out of it with my heart oppressed; and he told me: “Why do you refuse sufferings, while Jesus has suffered so much for you? Why do you complain about that which is His desire for you? If suffering seems long to you, then the recompense will be eternal.  If temptation jerks your heart, and your soul is at the point of falling to the enemy, have recourse to me: I am ready to help you; trust in me, and you will not have to fear falls.  Remember always to speak very little regarding your affairs; avoid useless conversations, because among many words are mixed so many defects.”  
And then he left me.
As soon as he left, that evil one came only completely nude and hairy; he wanted me to do what he did; I will never.  He hit me very hard; finally I won through Jesus.  Then I went to receive Holy Communion, and I felt Jesus coming and He told me (because I told Him it had been so long that I awaited Him): “All night I was with you, and I counted the moments to come inside you.  Let so many wicked even offend me; but you come close to Me, for I will always help you; come to feed off of Me Myself, and so you will repay Me for their ignorance.  This morning I want you to feel the beats of my Heart…” If you had felt how they were! I do not know how to explain myself.
Yesterday evening I prayed to Br. Gabriel, that he obtain from Jesus the grace for the devil to leave me alone during the day; he obtained it for me immediately: those of the day he would leave for the night.  Then he also told me to remain a little with the Mother of Sorrows because, he told me, “She has been the most afflicted Mother of all, she rejoices so much if she finds some souls who would have compassion on her.  She has so many graces to give, and she does not know who to give them to; she doesn’t find anyone who asks them of her, she finds no hearts which beseech her for them.”  He told me to have courage, for the moment will come soon; that I love Jesus and be strong.
Bless me and pray to Jesus for the poor

35.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: MARCH 1900 (2)
Jesus repeats to hear about the new monastery of the Passionists.  Vexations of the devil and tenderness from Jesus; to obtain grace she has recourse to St. Gabriel.  Vision of a soul in the grace of God.  First the cross in another place, then a Passionist.
            (March 1900)
This morning (I came from the nuns), just having come from them, I went to see Jesus in the church, and it seemed to me that Jesus told me loudly (but I was alone, no one had entered): “Gemma, write at once to your Confessor that which has happened to you yesterday and tonight.  Tell him that when the Father Provincial comes, to speak with Him about the new convent to be made, I am speaking of the Passionists.”  And then He did not tell me anything else.  So I went to write.
It appeared that Jesus through Brother Gabriel had given me the grace not to be tormented anymore by the devil in the day, only the night.  Yesterday I was completely without seeing him, and he didn’t even come to tempt; tonight then he came to me in the form of a man all black and he had wrapped around one arm a serpent, and he told me: “You are damned for that sin which you committed years back, do you not remember? There is no more hope for you, I am taking you to hell, you are already mine; you do not realize at all that God has abandoned you forever.”  I responded to him that it is so that Jesus has forgiven me, and he said: “It is not true: for that you are condemned to hell; come”.  And he dragged me over the floor.  (What fear, what fear!).  Finally then I remained on the floor, without strength; I called Jesus: He came at once, together with Br. Gabriel; He helped me to get up and He immediately gave me strength; then He told me that when in the evening I see at home that they begin to question, I am to go straight away to my room and not stay to hear anything.  I however already know that, because the other evening as well they had just begun, that Jesus beckoned me to leave and so many times I also took part, but Br. Gabriel told me, that if I enter other times in certain discourses, he will not love me as much: “The only subject of which you must think, is not to offend Jesus ever, and to love Him very much.”
Yesterday then, when I went to pray after eating dinner, Jesus came, but he made me lose my mind; but I remained where I was.  Oh how sweet it is to spend a day with Jesus!  He told me that the graces which I wanted, He would give them to me; that I should ask Br. Gabriel.  I responded, first that He would save my soul, then if it pleased Him, not to permit the devil to tempt me over purity.  He responded to me that He would no longer give him permission.  I asked Him for a bit of strength for the night, and then that He would see to take care of those who care for me, because I am not good even to thank them.
Then Jesus made me see a soul all beautiful, white white.  I asked Him who it was; He responded that it was Annetta’s.  I said at once: “Oh Jesus, will I be pure like her?”  And Jesus smiled and did not respond.  I told Him then: “Oh Jesus, be quick.”  And without saying anything more He understood what I meant, and responded: “Be content: first you must carry your cross in another place, then in its time you will carry it as a Passionist.”
Bless me and pray to Jesus for the poor
36.) GEMMA TO VOLPI : APRIL 1900 (1)
A sweet talk with Jesus during the hour of watch.  Jesus wants the Confessor to put her in a convent as soon as possible, and to be concerned with the foundation of the Passionist monastery.  
                                                                                               (April 1900. – Cf. P. GERM. n. XII).
Today while I made the Hour of Watch, it befell me as I was done: I fell asleep.  I felt that Jesus lved me so much, He caressed me so much; I felt finally that He kissed me.  He asked me if I would voluntarily remain with Him in that hour.  I responded to Him that not only in that hour, but that I desire always to be with Him.  So Jesus was happy.  So it came to my mind to ask Him that which you told me Saturday in the confessionals, and I told Him so: “Oh Jesus, but what do You want of my Confessor? He told me to ask what He should do.”  And so Jesus told me: “You must tell him that I want you to enter into a convent as soon as possible; if you are outside, I cannot make of you what I want.”  “But what must I do?”  I told Him not to make me to do things which are not of me, because I am good for nothing; and after so many graces which He gives me, I don’t know how to respond to them; that He look for someone else, who would know how to do more than me.  So Jesus responded to me: “Do that which you can.  I want to make use of you, because you are the most poor, the worst sinner of all my creatures; you would not merit anything but that I send you to hell, but instead I want you to be a victim and that you continuously suffer to placate the scorn my Father has against sinners, and that you offer yourself to Him as a victim of all sinners.”  I responded: “My Jesus, do what you see fits, I am content.”
Then He told me: “To your Confessor you must tell that he must content me first, place it inside you, and that he occupy himself in finding a shelter for my poor daughter, who desires to come with me upon Calvary; and after I promise to content him, and I will also make his brother to convert.”  So I said to Jesus, that it is difficult for me to go into a convent, because I have nothing nothing.  And Jesus responded to me: “But I know you have nothing, but I have given you so much, I have given you everything; I have nothing more to give you to make you understand that I want you as my crucified spouse.”
Bless me and pray much to Jesus for the poor
37.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: APRIL 1900 (2)
In knowing that one of her friends has decided to enter among the Passionists, she feels more lively the desire to imitate her; at least that it be conceded to her to be closed in another convent, because she cannot be in the world any longer.
                       (April 1900)
If you knew! After Rome Annetta is going to Corneto and asks the nuns if they would take her.  And me?  But I do not care anymore of being a Passionist: any other convent is enough for me.  Oh why do you not send me?  Do you believe it?  I do not know who to recommend myself to, so that they lift me from the world: there is no one but You; I would leave it alone, but Jesus wants it, He wants me to enter a convent.  I cannot anymore, in whatever place I go, it is the same; I only want to be closed tight and for no one to see me.  In that way I am bad.
Jesus Himself tells me often that I am to be ashamed to make myself seen, because I am the worst of all His creatures.
The other day I was with the Capuchins with Sister Maria, I was told that when I am truly Gemma of the Heart of Jesus, to go, for they would take me without a dowry.  I did not have courage to respond anything back.
Today, when I come to confess, tell me that soon you will put me in it.  I would not be able to tell you how happy I would be.  Jesus wants it so, you know; because when I have professed, He has prepared for me so many great things.
Bless me and pray for the poor
38.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: MAY 1900 (1)
She imparts a letter to him from a pious lady.  She begs him not to send her to confess to another.
                                                                                                                                       (May 1900).
This morning you asked me more times if I had anything more to tell you; I responded not, because I didn’t remember anything else, but now that my mind turns, I will tell you.  I don’t know of other times I have ever told you of a certain lady from Rome.  She wrote me some days ago a letter, it is this one which you will find together with the other writings from Fr. Germano, but not to me.
And then how many evil things she told me this morning! And why? You wanted to send me to confess with another.  Be certain certain that Jesus does not want it: either You or Fr. Germano.
I will be good, I will obey you always, and will do all that You want; but do not send me to another: it is not I who does not want to go, it is precisely Jesus Who does not want it.  If absolutely absolutely you do not want me anymore, send me to Fr. Germano: either You or Him. I will be sincere with him, you know.  If I haven’t yet said anything else, it is precisely because I don’t have it in mind.
Be good, don’t send me to anyone.  
Bless me and pray for the poor
39.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: MAY 1900 (2)
Knowing that a lay sister is being sought for the Passionists, she immediately offers herself ready to go.
   (May 1900).
Listen.  Yesterday Fr. Provincial told Ms. Cecilia if she would find him a lay sister to send among the Passionists.  She found one at once, but I am ready to; you will send me, right?  I would know how to do everything: don’t worry about that.  Are you okay if I write at once to Fr. Germano?  And then, if you would concede it to me, Ms. Cecilia would like me to write to a lady in Rome, but I think you already know.
If you would do me the charity of lifting me from everything where I am!  What do you think of it? I annoy everyone; the nuns I do not know which one, I annoy someone there; at home… and then also Ms. Cecilia, do you think I would annoy her?  In all ways I recommend myself to You; content me: Jesus desires it.
Bless me and pray so much for the poor
If you would like me to write Fr. Germano and that lady, you would do me charity if you told Ms. Cecilia.
40.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: JUNE 1900 (1)
Fright put in her by the devil, who in the form of an unrecognized man, follows her in different churches.
                                                                                                   (June 1900. – Cf. P. GERM. n. XI)
Yesterday I went to the Forty Hours with my aunt; after I asked her if she would take me to S. Michele, for I needed you.  She told me that she did not want to come there, and she left me alone.  I left the church to come; in that moment a man approached me, I heart that he spoke, but I didn’t understand what he was saying; he began to follow me, I was afraid and soon, I entered many churches, and he was always either ahead or behind; I walked without knowing where I was going, and I found myself in the church of S.S. Trinita.  I cried; that woman which tends to be want to go, but they saw that I was frightened, they had me go to the parlor.  I couldn’t speak anymore; they told me to drink, after I was good, all things had passed; I remained there a bit and I slept.  After they accompanied me to S. Leonardo, because my aunt was there.
Now I am afraid to return to You, because I have disobeyed; but I did not want to, you know, disobey: I went there because I was so afraid.
But I will not do it again.  Bless me and pray for the poor
41.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: JUNE 1900 (2)
After Holy Communion Jesus makes her feel His heart with immense goodness and He gives her a sign to discern the heavenly apparitions from the diabolic.
                                                                                                   (June 1900. Cf. – P. GERM. n. II).
I am better now; by force I was able to receive Jesus, but often oh how well I was! Jesus made Himself felt; but how did He do it to come, with all those sins that I committed in the confessional?  A few moments first I called Him tyrant, and then He came.  Oh how good Jesus is!  By luck I made it on time to make the protest which Fr. Germano wrote me.  It appeared to me that Jesus told me: “Oh why are you so perplexed, oh My daughter, in temptations?”  I cried, because I expected anything this morning from Jesus.  I prayed, I prayed much, that He would show me what I have to do, and then I prayed so much.  And Jesus did not contend, on the contrary he appeared to love me very much.  Finally He told me that from now on He would give me a certain sign to distinguish whether it was Him, or the devil: “When someone should come before you, pronounce those words at once in a loud voice: Blessed be Jesus and Mary!  If they respond to you, it is a sign that it comes from Me; otherwise get up and distract yourself; because it is the deceiver.  You shall do it similarly if you encounter some person, whether they are known to you or unknown, and every time that you present yourself to your same Confessor.  Be careful, oh daughter, live quietly, for in this way everything will go well.  Obey blindly, and do not fear.  I will always be with you, and My most holy Mother will protect you; but invoke her often.  You think of it so little!  If you had invoked Her the other day, things would have gone differently.  Be careful, my daughter, live quietly: I will always be with you”.
Now I am so much better from this morning.  I ask your pardon for that which I did to you, I don’t want to do it anymore, and I want to obey you always always.
Bless me, and after I would like to enter in the convent: I will go where you send me.  I am the poor
I told Ms. Cecilia that You desired to see her, but do you know?  She didn’t believe me.  I believe it: with the heap of lies yesterday! But I did not want to say them.  I promised Jesus I wouldn’t let myself be deceived so easily anymore, and I also promise You.
42.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: JUNE 1900 (3)
Scolded by hear aunts who want to put her among the Carmelites of Borgo, she is comforted by Jesus, Who tells her to go for now where the Confessor wills, and that she will then be a Passionist.
               (June 1900. – Cf. P. GERM. n. II).
Yesterday evening I heard so much questioning, because my aunts know that I was with you in the morning, and they asked me when you would put me in a convent.  I responded that you had not told me anything, and because of this they began to scold me: they told me they were taking me at once to Borgo, if You do not take care of it, and they want You to say whether You will or will not lift me.  I always remained quiet.  I cried greatly, because I didn’t know what to say, and what more to do.  But Jesus made me to stop crying, He took me on His knees, and He told me not to cry, to be content, and to tell You, that soon it will be time; because if You continued to do so, it would have been resistance to His will.  So I said immediately: “But, Jesus, therefore must I abandon altogether the thought of becoming a Passionist? I would be happy, Jesus, to die at once having put on that habit.”  And Jesus responded to me not to abandon that thought, for He would truly make me to be a Passionist before dying.  And then He continued; “Look, my daughter, now it is just impossible to enter immediately with the Passionists, but do not fear anything; go where your Confessor sends you, for afterwards I will take care of the rest; however beg him, and tell him in My Name to lift you at once, for wherever he would like to put you, they will have no difficulty to take you, in whatever way you go.”
Then Jesus told me that You have so much fear that it is not a true vocation, and so many other things.  Jesus said that from now on He alone would be responsible for me; just having entered into a convent everything would go well, I will have no more signs, after the profession then… Jesus told it to me so many times that I shall beg You not to resist His will anymore, for it is bad.  And it was truly Jesus, because after I was very content.  I made the Sign of the Cross, and still He did not go away, rather He smiled and bowed His Head.  At the end then He told me to write everything to you at once.  It is 11:15 and I’ve wrote immediately.  He repeated to me tto be content, for I will be a Passionist, but for now to go where my Confessor wants, for He will take care of the rest.  
Bless me and pray for the poor
If You would like, I am also going to Borgo, because then I shall trust in Jesus; but no, I beseeched the M. Prioress of the Sisters: even so bad she’ll take me at once.  I  will do as You will, because then Jesus will take care of it.  
43.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: JUNE 1900 (4)
She tells of having been strongly beaten by the devil.  She asks the Confessor to help her not to be deceived, and to make her enter into a convent.
                                                (June 1900. – Cf. P. GERM. n.VIII).
See if you are able to do me the charity of coming to me to confess? I cannot be without You coming to hear my confession  Jesus, this night particularly, He made Himself increasingly felt, He told me so many things; but if obedience permits me, I must do them; if not, no.
The devil also beat me (I say the devil, but I don’t know what it was).  Listen: yesterday, in the morning, my aunt commanded me to bring up a bucket of water to fil the jugs in the rooms; I brought up the water, I filled the jugs, put down the bucket, to take it to its place, and to take it I had to pass before an image of the Heart of Jesus.  In seeing that Heart, I gave myself three or four hard blows.  I greeted Jesus with these words: “Oh my Jesus, be quick, grant me the grace to unite myself evermore to You; make me Yours fast, in a way that we cannot separate.”  Soon after I had pronounced these words, I felt a strong blow on my left shoulder, that I fell to the ground, without breaking anything.  I didn’t understand any of all of this.  I felt so bad, and even today I feel pain and it even feels that, everything that I do, I feel pain.  
Just having felt the blow, there was a knock at the door; my aunt opened it, and it was Barbantine nuns who had come to see me; my aunt called me at once, I went, but my shoulders hurt so much, that I was almost out of my mind, I didn’t know what to say to them.  They lamented even that I had not received them well.  The questioned me about so many things, but Jesus helped me.  They called me ungrateful, they said that I was not longer simple as at first, and so many other things, but I didn’t say anything; I responded many times: “I cannot say anything.” Jesus even while the nuns asked me, made me to recognize her desire was not a good one, and so I remained always quiet.  It was the first time that I was obedient to the Confessor.
And then also another thing.  My aunts are going to Borgo tomorrow, and they asked me what they should say to them.  I do not know.  Would you be content if I asked them if they wanted me for a bit of time with them, even as a trial?  Bless me and pray for the poor
Help me, Monsignor, not to be deceived.  I don’t want these visions: I can only want for Jesus to pardon me those things: You know them.  And then that you make me to go into a convent to think of Him alone, and to be always with Him.
The sorrowful Mother frees her form the devil and instructs her to tell the Confessor to make her a Passionist.
                                                                (June – July 1900).
Today just during the hour of guard, I had just as usual fallen asleep.  Oh, what beautiful happy slumber!  The Madonna of Sorrows came to me just to make a visit, but consoling.  Before al she freed me from the devil, and she took him from off my back; then she caressed me and kissed me, and she begged me to come over to You.  She told me: “But go immediately; you should tell him so: You have so much fear that it is not the will of God that she should be a Passionist; and tell him to in my name (in the name of Mary of Sorrows) that it contents my Son: that he put you in a convent immediately, He will take care of the dowry and of everything, for He very well can.  Tell him also that in the month consecrated to me, which will be the month of September, I want to make of you a victim, and offer you to Jesus, but I want you in a convent.”  I told the Madonna that I was ashamed to tell You these things, but my Mother said to tell you everything at once.  Indeed I awoke and behold me, at once.
Bless me, and I am
                                           Gemma Galgani
45.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: 10 AUGUST 1900 (1)
She is almost dismayed by the things which happen to her; her Guardian Angel assists her always lovingly or lets Ms. Cecilia be in her stead.  Gemma fears that the others will see her.  She wants to go into a convent.
                                                                                                                             (10 August 1900).
Listen: I am almost dismayed.  Angelina knows everything about me.  This morning she spoke about my things as if they were nothing; and my brother together with her joked about it.  I am not in the least afraid of their jokes, you know?  I am afraid of so many other things.  From 11 this morning even until now that it is 3, Angelina has not left me alone; she says that she wants to see everything, she almost seems like a little devil.  My aunts laugh, and I want to cry, and cry much you know?  But I want to cry with Jesus. But even He has gone away now!  I find myself alone.  But what do I say alone?  And I am not alone, you know? Ms. Cecilia, before leaving, begged my Guardian Angel so much not to leave me alone.  It was true.  Since the evening before she left, he has always been with me.  But he lets me do everything, he does!  And when I am disquieted and cry, then (because I cannot any longer) he tells me something, and soon I return to being calm.  I am afraid that they see this Guardian Angel in the house.  If Angelina were to see him, who knows?  This morning I entreated my Angel, to why it is that, when Ms. Cecilia is not there, he is always here with me. (So many times, you know, when she is not here, he leaves me!  And then he makes himself seen; but when she is here, then he disappears from me.)  Do you know what he responded?  “No one, my daughter, knows how to make well my place as her.”  And then he teased me and said: “poor child, she always needs a continuous guide!”  But he smiled in saying so.  And yet, if you knew, even in the presence of my Angel, how many sins, how many faults!  He himself is ashamed.  But would the people see him?  If ever, take are to tell him to be hidden.
And then I was tried, you know?  To tell You I was the spy.  At that time then I was touched: with one hand he took my hair and pulled it.  Nevertheless I managed to stay quiet; it was Angelina. –
How bad I am, if you knew, without Ms. Cecilia!  But she will come son right?  I would like to tell you to put me in a convent, but it seems that Fr. Germano doesn’t want me to repeat these words.  So I will not tell you anything.  
Are you content, really, that tomorrow I go with the nuns?  I am good.  I will not ask in the least to leave my hour so as not to suffer, most of all because I’m afraid of Angelina…
She even brought her schoolmates to the house, and tells them so, but to mock me: “Come, lets go see Gemma go into ecstasy”.  And she repeats these words always, loudly, even on the porch in the evening.  If you want, if you really believe, I would like to go in whatever convent even up until now…
Bless me; I am the poor
I write you, because afterwards when you knew everything, I am better.
46.) GEMMA TO VOLPI: 10 AUGUST 1900 (2)
Jesus reveals to her the cause of the internal anguish of a Passionist nun; sickness, death and the sufferings in purgatory of M. Maria Teresa.  This soul appears to her two times: first to ask her for suffrages, then to thank her as she ascends into Heaven.
I recopied here a few points, that yesterday evening you asked me.  I send them, but with a condition: that immediately after reading them, you burn them at once; if not, I will not send you anything more.
It went like this.  Last year, in the month of December, there passed here Fr. Lucca, who has returned from Corneto, and spoke of a certain M. Maria Giuseppa, and said she was very anguished.  I gave it a little thought, but it made an impression on Ms. Cecilia, and she asked me if when Jesus had come, that I would ask Him.  I remember well that I always forgot; until one day to content her I asked Him.  She has me ask what the cause was for which M. Maria Giuseppa was so anguished.  There appeared to me Jesus; I put this question to Him, and He responded to me in this way: “M. Maria Giuseppa is anguished for many things.  She has near her a novice lay sister, who is a bit neglectful, she does not observe the rule anymore, and she sees that she will end badly.  The other cause then that afflicts her even more is this one; Mother M. Teresa is sick; she only told her.  She is exceedingly sick.  Pray continuously that she remain alive longer, but it will be useless, because within a few months I will bring her with Me.  She is aware of it, and because of this she suffers so much.”  He said nothing more.  I referred it to Ms. Cecilia, and then she made me write it on a piece of paper, and she had it with her, and when she went to Rome she handed it over to Fr. Germano.
In the elapsed time then, many times Jesus told me that M. Maria Teresa was close to her end; the last time He repeated it to me was the day of Corpus Domini.  But made her no account, I took no care at all.  When some Passionist Priest passed, Ms. Cecilia asked how M. Maria Teresa was and from everything I heard him say: “She is well”.  But it was not true, because she was sick, and only M. Maria Giuseppa knew; but they were certain sicknesses which she had incurred herself, from the continuous disciplines and penances.
All this time passed, when + one Friday Jesus appeared to tell me to tell me: “Gemma, M. M. Teresa of the Infant Jesus is in Purgatory; pray for her, she suffers much.” When I heard Him say so, I did not believe it was she whom so many times Jesus had spoken to me of.  I knew her by M. Maria Teresa and not of the Infant Jesus.  So many times Jesus told me to pray for her, and made me pray also for others. I could not be without her Jesus.  I did all I could; He showed me my Guardian Angel who every little thing which I suffered, offered everything for the souls in Purgatory, mostly for her.  I did it.  One Thursday also Jesus made me to suffer for her two hours more, and after He told me that I had lightened her torments.  There were a few days left until the day of the Assumption of Most Holy Mary, and I thought precisely on that day Jesus would bring her with Him.  It was around 9 of that morning, I was in the room with the nuns who were reading The Glories of Mary; it seems (if you knew a bit how much I suffer in writing certain things!) that I felt I was touched on my shoulder; I turned, and saw a person next to me, dressed in white.  What fear I had!  “Do you recognize me?”  I responded no, but with a tremendous fear.  She added:  I am M. Maria Teresa, I have come to you to thank you for the good which you have done for me, and for the haste you made, so that I could enter sooner into Heaven.  Continue more.  A few days, and then I will be eternally happy”.  She didn’t tell me anything else; I continued to read, and she left.
From that hour I doubled what I could of my weak prayers; I tried however with a bit of displeasure, because I thought that that day she was to go into Heaven.
Finally yesterday morning, after Holy Communion, Jesus told me that tonight after midnight she would be ascended up to Heaven.
Indeed it seemed to me that He would give me a sign of it.  It was midnight and I still did not see anything; there came the strike, and nothing: towards the strike and a half, the Madonna appeared to me to warn me, telling me that the hour was approaching.  After a bit I saw her come, accompanied by her Guardian Angel: she was dressed as a Passionist; she told me that her Purgatory was finished, that she was going to Heaven.  I have suffered so much, you know; I wanted to go there also.  But what?  No one would listen to me.  Before going away, she told me to let M. M. Giuseppa know, that she be put to rest.  She went to Paradise around 2.  She laughed greatly and was so happy, if you had only seen!  Jesus came to take her and her Guardian Angel.  And Jesus, when He took her, said: “Come, oh soul, who has been so dear to me!”  And He took her away.  Now I have said everything; but once you have read them [these notes], burn them and do not see to them again.
Now here is another thing: You know, when Jesus appears to me on Thursday, I always plead Him for You, and I tell Him like this: “My Jesus, take care of the Confessor, and make it so that he will guide me in a way, that I can do all according to Your pleasure.”  And Jesus responds to me: “Tell the Confessor not to disregard you.  You reveal to him all, obey him in everything.  I would like for him to have a bit more care for you; tell him still that I want him to hide you.”  Now then I have said everything, but I cannot anymore.
I promise to obey you always, and to always tell you everything, good and evil.
Bless me and pray so much for the poor
She tells him on the part of Jesus to do also that which he had in mind to do, but that he work in secret; if Fr. Germano wills it, he will remain persuaded.
                                                                                           (August 1900. –Cf. P. GERM. n. XIV).
I’ve asked Jesus if that which You have in mind to do, You do well to do it; Jesus responded to me: “Tell him to do it.”  Later then, when Jesus returned, He told me to tell You to do things in a manner which no one will notice.  Jesus told me that the person who knows, He is content with; but now however He does not want anyone else to know; yet Jesus said that if You are content to make Fr. Germano come, Jesus is content as well.  So too You will rest persuaded of certain things, for now You are so anguished: Jesus told me.  
I ask you for your blessing and recommend me to Jesus for the poor
Her aunts want to take her to the Carmelites of Borgo of Lucca, but she desires to be a Passionist: In any case, she is assured by Jesus that in the monastery the extraordinary phenomena will end.  She recommends the Monsignor not to recount anything of these phenomena to her aunts, but she cannot speak of it alone with Ms. Cecilia.
    (July 1900)
This morning I forgot to tell you something.  Out of charity, if you have the occasion of seeing my aunts, I beg you not to say anything of what happens to me, first of all because of the times which I have inadvertently responded bad, and then of the times also in Your presence I close my ears so as not to hear certain things which the devil tells me, they say I am a joker and make the sheets to send me up there, but even this I would not count on for anything.  The most would be that they could not be quiet, neither of the two, and I would tell my brother and others at once, and Jesus would not want it.  Jesus always helps me, not to let anyone recognize anything; only with Ms. Cecilia speak of all that You want, but with my aunts no: take care, because Jesus does not want it.
I have written this to you at once, because had I not told You, I would not have felt tranquil.  I know that my aunt wants to go to you to hear about Borgo.  Are you okay that if they ask me about it, I tell them an absolute no? My aunt (not the one which is going to you, the other) tells me that if I want to be a nun, to go to Borgo, and not to be behind You, because it’s been five months that she makes fun of me.  Every day that I go home they don’t ask me anything else other than when I am going to the convent, they tell me that I don’t have the desire anymore; I do not respond, but if you knew how those words displease me!  When I pray I tell Jesus all these things and Jesus responds for me to tell You everything, but that You put me in a convent, because You resist His will.  Do as you think.  If however You think that I will have certain things even in the convent, this is not so, because Jesus tells me that He will lift me from everything, and it will be Him alone Who is responsible, when I am inside.  Take care of it, out of charity: do as you think, but Jesus wants me to be a Passionist.
Bless me and pray for the poor

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