St Gemma Galgani photos and a quote from Jesus to Gemma

St Gemma's bedroom in the Giannini house
A few new St Gemma photos and also a quote from Jesus to Gemma

-Two friends in Saint Gemma recently provided these photographs and also this quote from Jesus to Gemma taken from a biography on Gemma:

“My child, you complain because I will to keep you in the dark; but remember that after darkness comes light, and then you shall have light indeed. I put thee to this test for My greater glory, to give joy to the Angels, for your greater gain and also for example to others. If you really love Me, you ought to love Me even in the midst of darkness. I delight in and play with souls. I thus play through love. Be not afflicted if I begin to abandon thee. Do not think it chastisement. It is truly My own Will in order to detach you from creatures and unite you to Myself."

"When I appear to be far away then I am near at hand. Take courage, for after the battle comes peace. Fidelity and love must be your necessary weapons. For the present, therefore, be patient if I seem to leave you alone. Suffer, be resigned and be consoled. I am leading thee by rough and sorrowful ways, and you should consider yourself honoured when I treat you thus and when by a daily and hidden martyrdom I allow thy soul to be tried and purified. Think only for the present of how you are to practice great virtue."

"Make haste in the ways of divine love, humble thyself, and rest assured that if I keep you on the Cross, that I love you. Be not like some who, being attached to consolations and spiritual satisfactions, care but little for the Cross. Finding themselves in desolation of spirit, they shorten by degrees the time of prayer because they no longer find in it the consolations they had before experienced.” – Jesus to St. Gemma Galgani
Hand Drawings and Writing of Saint Gemma Galgani

St Gemma Galgani Death Certificate, April 11, 1902


Gemma said...

Nice to see her painting there! I did read she was a good painter so I can see now that's true. Post more pictures if you ever get them Glenn, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Jesus' words to Gemma. I find myself in darkness at the moment and there is consolation in His words.

Mary said...

Saint Gemma galgani's handwriting is very beautiful! Her drawings are beautiful and she could have been a great painter, have she wanted to.