The heavenly help of Saint Gemma

A recent grace through the intercession of St Gemma

A few weeks ago, I published a couple of very recent stories concerning the heavenly intercession of Saint Gemma. Below is another email that I just received.

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 12:44 AM, Song wrote:

Dear Mr. Dallaire,

I wish to inform you that I had the most extraordinary encounter with St. Gemma Galgani.

You see, I came across her website years back, and since then I have become intrigued by her. I emailed you asking for her prayer card, which you promptly did send me. I was further gladdened me that she and my 7 year old son shared the same birthday (March 12), and so I always entrusted my son under her care and protection. My son knew her from the picture you sent me, which is displayed in our room.

2 weeks ago, my son was confined to the hospital for dengue-like symptoms. His blood count was declining and his fever went on and off. Then his fever got so bad that we was having chills. As I prayed my rosary, I also said a simple prayer to St. Gemma, asking her to intercede for us in helping my son fight off the bug that hit him. This was a Saturday evening.

The following day, I was expecting my husband to disallow me from hearing mass, since we categorize this an emergency and my son needs me to stay by his side for errands. Surprisingly, my husband encouraged me to attend mass at the hospital chapel.

As I was listening to the sermon, I probably dozed off a few minutes. In my dreams I saw St. Gemma in her black garb together with American seer Veronica Leuken! She was talking to me in Italian which I could not understand. She ended her sentence by saying “Passionata! Passionata!”. Veronica must have sensed I did not understand St. Gemma and so she called me by my name and assured me that my son will be alright. That’s when St. Gemma smiled and said in English with a strong Italian accent that “he will be alright”. True enough, my son was well by the time the mass ended. The fever was gone, his blood count improved. The pediatrician could not believe it!

My son had all the manifest symptoms of dengue, but it was negative. All the other tests were also negative. The diagnosis was that he only had sinusitis with allergic rhinitis.

I owe a great gratitude to St. Gemma.

Song (last name witheld- webmaster)

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Song Medina-Babijes said...

Thank you Mr. Dallaire for sharing my story in your website. My son celebrates his birthday today (Mar. 12), the same birthdate that St. Gemma had during her earthly existence. God bless you.