Agrigento Italy celebrates festival of Santa Gemma

The Church of Santa Gemma Galgani in the city of Agrigento, Italy will celebrate a 3 day festival-May 14-16, with a Eucharistic Celebration (Mass) presided by the Archbishop, in honor of the (Passionist) feast of Saint Gemma (May 16).

-Friday's Mass in honor of Santa Gemma will be celebrated by His Excellency, Francesco Montenegro, Archbishop of Agrgento.

-On Saturday, St Gemma's feastday, the faithful will have a procession through the streets surrounding the Church with a statue of Santa Gemma.

For those interested, here is a Italian news article explaining the celebrations:

Here is a rough translation:

"From May 13 to 16 celebrations will be held at the Church of St. Gemma Galgani for the occasion of the Patroness of the Parishes feast day. Here's the schedule:

Thursday, May 14: 16.30 Rosary, Evening Prayer and Prayer to Saint Gemma; 17.30 Eucharistic liturgy (Mass);

Friday, May 15: 17.30 host of the Parish of St. Gemma Raffadali; 18.00 Eucharistic Liturgy (Mass) presided over by S.E. Archbishop Francesco Montenegro.

Saturday, May 16: 09.30 Eucharistic liturgy (Mass); 16.30 hours Procession of S. Gemma on the streets of the parish and at 18.00 Eucharistic Liturgy (Mass).

-Organized by coordinator Pino Milioto in collaboration with the pastor and the entire Church council."

~Saint Gemma, pray for us!


fatheranthonyho said...

I always thought that the Feast of St. Gemma is on April 11. That's the day listed at the Butler's Lives of the Saints. Do you know why in Agrigento they celebrate her Feast on May 16?

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hello Father Anthony!
It is nice to hear from you!

Yes, Saint Gemma's feast day is April 11th, that is, the day of her death (and her birth into heaven!)

However, May 16th is traditionally the day that the Passionist Congregation throughout the world celebrates her feast day, and they celebrate a special Mass of Saint Gemma Galgani in her honor

And so, since there are 2 feast days, it is better for us who are devoted to Saint Gemma, because we get to celebrate her feast day twice each year!

Santa Gemma, pray for us!

May God bless you,
Glenn Dallaire