St Gemma Galgani Photos and Pictures page 9

Saint Gemma on her death bed

Saint Gemma Galgani mantle jacket 

Postcard from Monsignor Giovanni Volpi--Gemma's confessor since childhood

Gemma's handwriting in book from school

Gemma seat in the Church of the Rose where she often made her confessions

St Gemma's Autobiography which the devil tried to burn

St Gemma's Autobiography which the devil tried to burn

Crucifix that came alive when Gemma was in ecstasy

Saint Gemma Galgani Bed in Giannini home

St Gemma Galgani Heart Relic Statue in Spain

Gemma Galgani Signature


Andyleeson said...

The first picture is remarkably life-like.At first i thought it was a photo.Whoever painted it was blessed from above.It is hauntingly beautiful.Praise be Jesus in his Angels and His Saints.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Glenn I am certain that "Our Poor Gemma" is very honoured by your efforts.
May St Gemma Bless your heart .
Through Jesus Christ our Lord
Amen .+.

Salvo said...

La cartolina del monsignor giovanni volpi confessore di Santa Gemma è scritta da lui personalmente?

Unknown said...

Can anyone please tell me the meaning of what's written on the black heart carried by the angel on the right below..


Glenn Dallaire said...

Its the badge of the Passionists (the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ). Gemma is considered a lay Passionist.